Bravely Default Review: Revitalizing the turn-based JRPG | GamerTell

From the review, "Don’t let the Bravely Default moniker scare you. This game is Final Fantasy in all but name. A group of four heroes sets off to save their world by revitalizing the four Crystals and defeating a Big Bad. The magic spells are all familiar, so you still have your Thundagas. Items are as well, so stock up on Phoenix Downs. Even the class names remain the same, as you’ll have Knights fighting alongside Red Mages and summoners. This game is steeped in familiarity, which helps ease players into the things that have changed."

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Justindark1564d ago

this game is so much better then the last of us and yet it only gets a 30 hotness? proves this site is run by sony fan boys.