Flappy Bird taken down due to "addiction" issues

GotGame: Flappy Bird was all the rage for weeks, with the game being among the top free games on both iOS and Android.

However, as quickly as the game gained notoriety, the game is now gone. The game’s creator Dong Nguyen says that he took the game down because he says the game causes addiction.

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Ramon3MR1565d ago

Personally I hated the game. I'm still playing Candy Crush lol.

RyuCloudStrife1565d ago

Dong Nguyen is a weirdo lol took down the game because it causes "addiction" LMAO.

Transporter471565d ago

Am i one of the few people that don't care about any of those damn phone games like candry crush/flappy bird etc?

360ICE1565d ago

Well, you commented, so... no?

Just a guess.

lesrima881565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

no need to acknowledge that you're the minority that dont like them,just makes you look like a hipster

no_more_heroes1565d ago

I'm hooked on Puzzle & Dragons and Brave Frontier atm.

360ICE1565d ago

If that's true, then he's Jesus.

All hail the returned Son of God, everyone. For he shall lead us out of crappy Android Games and into inFamous: Second Son, after which he is named.

ape0071565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

i get what you're saying but the good side of all of this is as a gamer, all these extremely popular games(gta, Cod, angry or flabby bird wii sports)...... make me proud as a gamer

gaming is now taken as a serious part of entertainment, a multi billion industry that is rapidly growing, not that nerdy image that ignorant people throw at us back in the day

KakashiHotake1565d ago

Flappy Bird is heavily addictive. I still keep playing it trying to be my previous score or when a friend tells me his score I try and beat his. That game is like crack for real. lol

etownone1565d ago


I finally beat my friends score with a 47, I thought my life was complete.

Then he came back at me with 167.

So... F*ck that flapping piece of flap bird that can't fly straight. I'm done. Lol

Bathyj1565d ago

I don't understand the extreme hate for this game. Is it simply cos people are crap at it?

caseh1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

It's because of the viral flood this game has caused, I don't even use twatter or facebook anymore yet I still heard about this crap daily for the past week.

Viper71565d ago

I don't really hate it, but don't really understand what makes it stand out so much.

it looks monotonous at best, but guess it's because it's challenging which is rare these days.

admiralvic1565d ago

The hate stems from how trivial the game is, yet the game journalists want to milk it for all its worth.

In reality, what is Flappy Bird? It's a derivative mobile game that isn't unique or special and many have pointed out is a copy of many other games or things (like the pipes from Mario). However, instead of focusing on something worth covering, which I would define as literally anything else, we instead see sites clamoring to post yet another article because Flappy Bird is an SEO goldmine.

I mean, in the past day there has been 17 articles about Flappy Bird. Can you believe that? 17 different articles about Flappy Bird were posted to N4G, which means that an indefinite amount of articles might have also been published. In fact, roughly 88 articles over the past 2 weeks have the Flappy Bird tag, which means the article is about the game on some level. Worst yet, 80 of those posts were in the past 9 days, which is just absurd for an iOS game to get such coverage.

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The story is too old to be commented.