Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII: The Kotaku Review

"I've never been less emotionally invested in a character than I am in Final Fantasy XIII's pink-haired powerhouse, so when Square Enix tells me Lightning Returns, my response is 'That's great. What else you got?'"

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MRMagoo1231564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

I really find it strange how FF13 is probably the least liked FF game of all time, yet they make 3 of them. It boggles my mind. Is it the fact they can use the same game assets and save money when doing this or do they think if they make enough one of them will be a good ff game.

Wni01563d ago

At least they flat out say their opinion

BoNeSaW231563d ago

I didn't say they don't. I just think their "Reviews/Articles" Suck!

Quit reading them years ago.