PS4, Xbox One will both reach 100m units - DFC

DFC has given us exclusive access to their new forecast, which predicts "major growth" among the core gaming audience

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GraveLord1591d ago

PS4 will reach it years before the Xbox One. Actually I have trouble believing the Xbox One will ever reach it. It's losing the US and the UK, its 2 biggest markets last-gen and Xbox 360 only sold about 80m so far...

Sammy7771591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

I predict 100 million to 150 million for PS4.

Xbox One will do 50 million if US and UK supports it. Outside US/UK , its all SONY.

I predict UK to fall to PS4 but US could go either way

btw these DFC guys also predicted this :

and ps3 barely surpassed the x360 worldwide

darthv721591d ago

PS3 and 360 havent even hit 100 mil in the 7-8 years so what makes these predictions even plausible over the next 6?

For these predictions to be achieved, both the PS3 and 360 literally have to stop selling and all efforts shifted to the PS4 and XB1 respectfully. That may be something MS would consider doing just as they did transitioning from original xbox to 360 but i dont foresee Sony dropping the PS3 anytime soon.

Eonjay1591d ago

I predict that systems will be sold.

windblowsagain1591d ago

55million for xboxone

PS4 125million.

mhunterjr1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Sure, at this rate the ps4 will reach it first. But it doesn't need to be the top seller in those markets in order to reach that number. They just need to have a larger marketshare than last gen, and they need for the market to be a bit larger... Both of which appear to be happening. I bet they both cross the line but Sony will move 20-40 mil more.

come_bom1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

"PS4, Xbox One will both reach 100m units - DFC"

The PS4 will most likely achieve that number. Doubt the X1 will. I'll be surprised if the X1 achieves the 60m mark.

Microsoft has to drastically change the X1 if they want to catch up with the PS4.

BlackTar1871591d ago

That a load of nonsense. Xbone will definatley reach 60mil.

That is seriously absurd to think it won't

Dirkster_Dude1591d ago

Doubtful. It may beat the XB1 by 3-6 months, but that is all. We are still in the honeymoon period. Once a few more months have passed we will definitely be able to predict more trends. Regardless I hope they both do well because more competition typically means more value for the consumer at a lower price point.

dedicatedtogamers1591d ago

Nope. Both won't reach 100m. It'll be one or the other.

fonger081591d ago

I'm not really sure why you have all those disagrees... it's simple math and market share. The Xbox360 has been out almost 10yrs and hasn't reached 100mil the PS3 almost 8yrs hasn't reached it either. Not to mention tablets, android consoles, steam, and the eventual apple tv, will take up market share regardless of how core or hardcore gamers feel about them. Will the PS4 reach it, probably, but both, in 6yrs is not something I would bet on.

mediate-this1591d ago

Markets that were dominated by the ps1 and ps2, dont be ridiculous dude

Joey_Leone1591d ago ShowReplies(1)
DoubleM701591d ago

Like 80 million units is not a big deal. You sound silly saying something like that. You do know people will buy 2 consoles most of the time now. They also will be the same console 2 or 3 more times in a console generation.

fonger081591d ago

Unless some drastic price cuts, there is no way both system will reach 100million in six years. PS4, more than likely, given its starting price and momentum out the gate. That being said, both these systems don't operate in a vacuum. Other "cheaper" systems will release and will take pieces of the market ie; Amazon, Apple TV, Steam, and whoever else throws their hate in the ring.

dedicatedtogamers1591d ago

Think about it this way:

Xbox 360 has sold about how many consoles? 85 million in over 8 years? Okay, let's go with that. And let's also ignore that people bought brand-new consoles during the heyday of RRoD instead of waiting for their consoles to be sent back. Maybe give it another 2-3 years and 360 will reach 100 million.

So, 85 million in 8 years, with all of the advantages that 360 had. Now, those advantages are gone. Xbox has lost its foothold in Europe and it looks like it will be beaten in NA as well (where formerly 360 sold nearly double the PS3). It lost its price advantage, and the brand is weaker.

And yet, people think the X1 will not only perform better than the Xbox 360, but it will still be selling over a decade from now? That's what would have to happen for X1 to reach 100 million. Let's have a reality check, shall we?

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1591d ago

won't reach 100m if this gen only lasts 5 yrs which i hope it doesn't. then again its selling really quick these consoles

Magicite1591d ago

I think it will be 2:1 Sony:MS

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videgamenext11591d ago

I still think the Wiiu will preform better than the xbox one but i dont think it will reach 100 mill. I dont think it will only be 20 mill thats cutting it short.

7 year prediction

Xbox one-55 mill
WiiU-60 mill

Software_Lover1591d ago

They both will reach it. One will reach it faster than the other, people will celebrate and claim victory even though they bought their console years earlier.

Then the next gen of consoles will release, and the internet arguing will start all over. My console sells better in this country. They shouldn't even release your console here, no one will buy it. This dev sucks, until they make a multiplatform game. That dev sucks, until they make an exclusive game for your platform of choice. ETC, ETC, ETC.

A never ending Shakespeare play.

Sammy7771591d ago

how can that be? In order to reach 100 million Xbox one will have to sell around 50 million in Europe and Asia and around 50 million in USA.

Xbox One could hit 30 million - 40 million in USA but in Europe with that price point, wont even reach 20 million

Software_Lover1591d ago

........... yeah because it will stay 500.00 forever just like the ps3 stayed 600.00 till last week.

giovonni1591d ago

what? People can't have multi consoles in their homes?

Utalkin2me1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )


But MS was the cheaper console and was one of the reasons for gaining in the market share with the Xbox 360. Now it's the opposite way, the PS4 will always be the cheaper\stronger console. So if history is to tell you anything, it's that MS is probably going to loose some of that market share they had with the 360.

360ICE1591d ago

ITT we all come up with numbers that seem intuitive, even though we know even less about the future than DFC - whatever that stands for.

truefan11591d ago

Too many factors to consider, but i'll let you guys argue over meaningless details. Just bring me great games.

GarrusVakarian1591d ago

"but i'll let you guys argue over meaningless details"

So why do i see you in every comment to do with sales?

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