"Should Nintendo Go Mobile?" Isn't a big enough question (Part 1)

GotGame: People keep asking the question “Should Nintendo Go Mobile?” But that’s a pretty broad question, all things considered. What does that really mean? Should Nintendo make games for iOS and Android? Should they abandon their current handheld development? Should they pack it all up and become a third-party publisher for other people’s platforms? Let’s look at some other established console-based companies and how they’ve approached these types of situations...

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RyanRBates1566d ago

I'd prefer to see them stay away from tablets and smartphones actually.

KonsoruMasuta1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

I don't think they should stay away from them. They just shouldn't make games for them. There are plenty of other thing they could do in that area though.

Things like integrating your NNID to your device and Miiverse on mobile aren't bad ideas. They could also have Nintendo wallpapers and screensavers, or put their game soundtracks up for sale on the music section in mobile stores.

BosSSyndrome1566d ago

Now THOSE are good ideas.

fonger081566d ago

I just don't see how they'd port over the controls to a touch screen, especially for platformers without some sort of controller needed. I mean playing MegaMan on the iphone with touch controls is not exactly an enjoyable experience. Nintendo would want to partner either with Apple or Samsung or particular brand to have some quality control over what could possible be used software wise. I just don't see them opening it all up to every smartphone/tablet in the world without some sort of control over how anything is played.

Ramon3MR1566d ago

Yeah I just don't see how it would work. I mean, I'd understand the need to expand, but I wouldn't play Nintendo games on a smartphone or tablet. Maybe if it was just an extension of a particular game.

SteamPowered1566d ago

Nintendo is already portable. Why go mobile? Their ds and 3ds games are some of the best games Ive played on any console. If you want Nintendo to go "mobile" then buy some 3ds excellence.

MEsoJD1566d ago

People assume that mobile games are all touch based and nothing more, but there are controllers. I actually use a my DS3 with my phone and it works very well.

KonsoruMasuta1566d ago

Mobile platforms are still horrible though.

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