Is Nintendo’s new Health Strategy Leading to a New Console ?

GamerFitnation: With the very real possibility of the Wii U failing in the face of its competitors, Nintendo is rethinking their strategy and developing plans. Now, there’s a glimpse into the new ways their health and fitness games will fit into those plans in regards of mentioning "new platforms".

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fredolopez1622d ago

Nintendo's aiming to be GamerFit.

dedicatedtogamers1622d ago

I liked what Nintendo did with the Wii. I loved Wii Sports and (yeah, crucify me) I really liked Wii Fit as well. I enjoyed Brain Age and Picross, too. The only "expanded audience" game I didn't enjoy was Nintendogs and Wii Music.

So, if Nintendo moves back into that direction, I'm not going to complain.

Redinfamy1622d ago

I enjoy the fitness things they added to gaming it paved the way for Xbox and Sony. I just hope whatever initiative Nintendo takes that it is not stale. Gaming + Health is a big trend and health technology alone was the biggest trend at CES, but I hope they build on this in an innovative and not stray from their bi issue games now.