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Find out if Lightning's last story leaves a lasting impression in our Review of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

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richierich1533d ago

6/10 for a Final Fantasy game? how the mighty have fallen

Neoninja1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

To be fair many many people felt that the Lightning Saga just isn't up to par with past games and this score should be expected.The story is all out of whack, the characters are boring, during battle, although pretty, the game seemed to play itself,and initially there was no exploring, which they seem to have fixed. It's just not a good representation of what Final Fantasy is known for. Some people really enjoyed it and more power to them, however I'm not one of those people and I'm glad The Lightning Saga is over.
I just hope they're able to get it right with a fresh start on the X1/Ps4 with Final Fantasy 15.

kalkano1532d ago

"I just hope they're able to get it right with a fresh start on the X1/Ps4 with Final Fantasy 15."

We already know they've gotten it wrong. It's an action-RPG.

Dacapn1532d ago

Your opinion is wrong.

Timesplitter141533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

They tried so hard to give Lightning a good game but now it's definitely over. It's a shame because Lightning had a good character design (appearance-wise).

But I tried both FF13 and FF13-2 and could never finish them. They're a chore to play

richierich1533d ago

I agree! They need to bring back Cloud and Sephiroth

Timesplitter141533d ago

eh I dunno. I'd rather have a new great FF than a FF7 remake/spinoff

richierich1533d ago

Well for me I would kill for a FF7 remake (not literally)

Timesplitter141533d ago

Square-Enix can probably afford to work on a FF7 remake, and two new FFs, and a few other portable games all at the same time anyway

jonboi241533d ago

Review scores are all over the place for this game. Some really low scores to near perfect (Famitsu). Don't really know what to take away from all this except play it myself.

Timesplitter141533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

I think this kind of game with pretty characters and outfits works much better in japan than it does here

Neoninja1533d ago

I would suggest gamefly or some other rental service before buying it straight out.
Unless you liked the other 2, in that case I say pull the trigger.

richierich1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

@jonboi24 Lets not forget that Famitsu also gave the original FF13 a near perfect score.

Hergula1533d ago

Surprised by the mediocre score.

AdmiralSnake1533d ago

I don't agree with the Review score, but what he said is Accurate. It's Not Linear and it's a lot TO DO in the game actually.

It's quite challenging, more so than most FF games. I say this simply because you need to plan out what you're gonna do, how to do it, and when to do it. Also this game is a HUGE grind fest, which takes time to get used to, since fighting monsters doesn't give you exp, doing quest and EXPLORING does that.

The Clock system is interesting, but it something also to get used to. Thus far it's an 8 for me, simply because I can see they wanted to make this game more challenging and it's def not linear. There's plenty to do, and lots of exploring to do.

Highly Recommend a guide for this game. I don't have an issue with his review, I initially though it didn't mesh well, but it just depends on how you look at it.