Coming this Friday: The GTA Online Valentine's Day Massacre Special

The Valentine’s Day Massacre Special, the latest free update to GTA Online that’s coming this Friday features a variety of fun Valentine's themed extras for Story Mode and GTA Online.

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xHeavYx1436d ago

I wish the number of cars you can store would go up. I already got 10 modded cars that I wouldn't get rid of

RE_L_MAYER1436d ago

tell me about it...I was waiting for a new houses with at least 20 car garages for awhile

porkChop1435d ago

What I can't understand is why we can only buy apartments. All those big houses in the Vinewood Hills, and none of them can be bought by players? It doesn't make sense, sometimes when I drive past them in MP and SP and the garages open on a couple of them. Why have opening garages if we can't use those houses?

bohemian 231436d ago

Still no heists? What a joke, they advertise the game with all of hese "amazing" features, and half of them aren't even in the game lol? This is becoming the norm from companies, and it's like no one cares?

KonsoruMasuta1436d ago

The heist is the only feature that's still missing.

They already added the content creator and beach bum pack.

BattleTorn1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

*ahem* The Online Stock Market.

Why does no one ever remember that!?!?

Furthermore, what about the mansions to buy in Online?

The reviewer for GTA, IGN's own Keza McDonald, said that one can work towards buying a mansion in the Los Santos hills (in GTAO) in this video,

KonsoruMasuta1436d ago

Although you are right about the Stock market, Rockstar themselves never said anything about mansions.

Doogle3001436d ago

I hate that so many people complain that these features aren't in the game yet. They said from the start it would take a while to implement it all, and secondly, if they put it in and it was broken, you would be complaining twice as much. People need to have a bit more patience. It's always better to wait for quality than to force out another pile of crap.

BattleTorn1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

"People need to have a bit more patience."

How is waiting until the game is selling for $25 not having patience?

We don't pay $60 for games to be complete half a year later!

BattleTorn1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )


porkChop1435d ago

Patience? According to Rockstar they've been working on GTA Online for over 5 years, and more than 1,000 developers worked on the game. The fact that 1,000 developers couldn't finish the game in over 5 years is pathetic.

We paid for the game, and it's still missing features like Heists and the Stock Market, and it still has so many bugs and issues such as:

- mics cutting out
- friends only chat doesn't always work
- sometimes my cars still disappear randomly
- when a tank blows up your car you have to pay for it not the player who destroyed it
- if someone blows up your car and you switch sessions before having it repaired then YOU have to pay for the repair
- armored trucks sometimes have no money in them
- other times the armored trucks just disappear for no reason

The list goes on and on. Rockstar had well over 5 years, and the game has been out for almost 5 months. They've had enough time to get their shit together. They're the biggest and most prestigious development studio in the world, but more and more they're proving to be incompetent. They've had more than enough time.

Xyconaut1435d ago

rock* seriously need to shut the hell up about heists until they provide them,each mention of them at this point is just further insult to the way they've handled this train wreck of a game mode.