Why Turtle Rock left Valve

Working alongside Valve wasn't without its frustrations, with the infamous 'Valve time' becoming an issue. "Whenever we were working with Valve, it was kind of crazy," said Robb. "They take their time, y'know? Valve time's a well-known thing, but for us it was like we want to get this s**t done.

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aviator1891343d ago

I'm quite happy they left.
We got evolve. :)

AnEwGuY1343d ago

It was almost a carbon copy of what happened with Bungie/MS....just abbreviated. TR was going to be cranking out L4D games for Valve for YEARS, and they knew it.

AnEwGuY1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

@ those the article in the recent GameInformer (Evolve is on the cover), and you'll see I'm right. Or, just continue being blissfully ignorant....

Talidan1343d ago

Interesting look into how it is to work with Valve.

It's an odd opposite end of a spectrum, in my opinion. On one side, you have developers who describe their time with a major company like EA or Ubisoft as constant work and deadlines, while these guys had a difficult time with Valve's more relaxed methods.

Nothing negative or positive to say either way, just an interesting thing to note.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1343d ago

Basically Turtle Rock just wants to rush out games while Valve wants to take their time to make sure it's as perfect as they can get it so they don't have to patch as many problems.

Evolve sounds boring from what I've heard. I'd rather just have L4D3.

Edvin19841343d ago

Really? Thats what you got from reading that article, and I am not saying you are wrong; however, very interesting of what perception is from one to another.

porkChop1343d ago

No. The problem is that a) Valve is ridiculously slow at doing anything, and b) Valve has no real structure in place. These guys are far from the first to take issue with the way Valve runs things.

Talidan1343d ago

I love Valve and everything they do, but I don't believe this is exactly how it went.

Valve's method of "when it's done" works for them, they have nothing else to worry about because Steam is providing a huge revenue source, and it's how they've operated for a good deal of time now.

It works, for Valve. When you bring in another group, made of people who have been in the industry for a while used to the normal way of doing things, it can be hectic. If you're a team that just really wants to make games, operating in that way just doesn't always work out and the dynamic that Turtle Rock had before that worked well for them is suddenly lost.

It doesn't seem to be an issue of "pumping things out vs carefully crafting things", it's more just differences in creative process.

Edvin19841343d ago

The lack of structure in management from previous people who left say is the cause for Valve delays. Its nice they get to do as a developer now what they want to. Looking forward to this game very much so.

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