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Connected Digital World writes: It’s been a difficult few years for me with Final Fantasy. As a fan of what I consider the glory days I’ve found it increasingly difficult to accept the changes the franchise has undergone. Massive worlds to explore have been swapped for a supposedly more story driven experience. There hasn’t been much in the way of upgrading weapons and items for a while either. And now we have just one party member. Lightning’s a good character but like many I was concerned she couldn’t manage all on her own.

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Hellsvacancy1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

"Did you ever think not getting XP for defeating bosses was bad? Then you’ll love how now you don’t get XP at all. There are no levels and no fight on the game will improve Lightning in any way. The only way to improve is to complete quests. After about 30 minutes random battles become nothing but an inconvenience. If you’re lucky you might get a useful item but otherwise battles are just a dull obstacle"

Wow that is really lame, no xp, that would bug me, I guess i'm just accustomed to traditional rpgs

I already disliked this game before it was even released so what did I expect, I don't want to not like games, but reading statements like the one above isn't going to make me think otherwise