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VENOMACR12271565d ago

Good news for Xbox audio fans. Allows for a lot more options now.

Volkama1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

Not bad news, but not the news this audio fan wants. I want my headset to provide good virtual surround, so I need dolby digital live support ASAP.

I don't want to talk to other gamers, the ones that talk are mostly idiots.

Crazay1565d ago

EXACTLY! I'm in no mood to spend another $300+ on replacing my headset. Stereo does SFA for me.

NeoTribe1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

To pricey for not having surround sound. You could probably pick up the playstation gold for 100 bucks and use it on x1. Better deal for the money, with virtual surround.

FamilyGuy1565d ago

"The Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter will cost $24.99"


*Walks out*

Volkama1565d ago

To be fair it's entirely optional. The headsets this adapter is targetted at already provide sound, the adapter is for the microphone and they do already give you 2 of those (Kinect and the earpeice mic).

$24.99 isn't such a bitter pill relative to the price of replacing the headset.

FamilyGuy1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

A main reason many would want this device to make their older headsets compatible. In essence it shouldn't cost anything because the X1 controller should been designed with this from the start. You could even argue that this was intentionally done just so they could sell the accessory.

Regardless of that, $25 is still pretty high, it's just an adapter after all.

VENOMACR12271564d ago


Lot's of companies change small things in order to make you buy new ones. Look at Apple with the new iPhone. You had to buy new AC chargers or adapters.

FamilyGuy1564d ago

Does that make it better?

Just because it happens doesn't mean it should continue.

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Edvin19841565d ago

To bad I can't use my really nice headphones with the adapter. I just got the Beat Studio HD for Xmas, and enjoying them wish it played game audio via controller input, and not being a console flame, but just found out I can do it on my PS4. So there is hoping it will be patched in down the road.

thrust1565d ago

You can do that with the adapter, well that is what gaf is saying.

thrust1565d ago

Update you can if you get the headphones if you use others you can not :/

LackTrue4K1565d ago

Do the Beat Stuido HD have mic's???

Edvin19841565d ago

The 2013 August Beats HD comes with a cable similar to your iPhone cord mic, so yeah it has a mic. It sounds great and noise canceling is awesome been playing Outlast really immersive experience that way. Gosh this sucks as the X1 is in my living room as main consoles and PS4 in the baby room. Dang it....wish the PS4 had a HDMI input as I really am in love with TV via xbox one. Not trying to sound like a fanboy, any one have any suggestions. Dang it...might just get an other PS4 and use it in the living room as well.

famoussasjohn1565d ago

Finally! I kept seeing the Turtlebeaches and other headsets for the Xbox One being pushed back, first it was February 14th, then the 28th, then March.

BabyTownFrolics1565d ago

In terms of 3rd party headphones,with the adapter can i get game audio and chat through the controller now like on the ps4 or will I only get chat through the adapter and have to connect my headset to the the optical out from my xb1 or the headphone jack on my TV to get game audio?

I was hoping to just plug in a 3.5mm cable into the adapter and get both game and chat audio. If I have to run multiple cables I guess I could just plug my headset into the TV and use kinect for chat.

I am looking to keep the wires down to a minimum.

hollabox1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

Nice! Now I can hear racist rants, idiots singing, idiots playing loud bass heavy rap and metal in my ear in crystal clear stereo HD audio. With that said I do enjoy the boost in audio quality on XB1 compared to all last gen systems. When you have a good group of friends it makes for a great MP experience.

Naga1565d ago

Really, it's not so much of the rants, singing, or heavy music these days. Mainly, it's just a bunch of random people who failed to properly calibrate the audio on their Kinect and are playing in their living room... so you get to hear everything and everyone in their house.

hollabox1565d ago

True, noticed that a lot more on my XB1 than my X360.

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