Xbox One First Firmware Delayed, "Team is Working on Finalizing" says Nelson

Major Nelson: "February #XboxOne System Update will ship this week, but not today. The team is working on finalizing. More details when I get them"

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Boltshocker1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

Had a feeling something would go wrong was looking forward to the update as well

Godmars2901344d ago

Better, if something is wrong, that they figure out and realize it before they put it out than after.

Utalkin2me1344d ago

They had to get the reading app implemented, no big deal.

Gamer19821344d ago

Agreed last thing they need is mistakes in firmware like with the legendary 360 firmware that bricked consoles..

DeathOfTheFanBoy1344d ago

Well I would rather be able to say better late than never, I mean look at Sony and the PS3, everytime a new update was required you would have people all over the planet enjoying their new bricks... Thanks but no thanks, luckily I escaped that. Bottom line, better safe than sorry.

Gamer19821344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

That was always fake thanks to MS releasing an actual update that bricked 360s once (1 in 10,000 got bricked) Which MS pulled within 24 hours. Everytime after that MS fans went onto sony forums with every firmware release near enough claiming there fake ps3s were bricked to try put people off buying ps3s.. Last gen wars got ugly.. This one started off bad too with the fake dead ps4 reports on amazon.. I really hate fanwars..

kopicha1343d ago

when you cant win legitimately, then just fake it

Angainor71344d ago

Take your time. The last thing we need right now is a system update with bugs..

SITH1344d ago

Exactly. It is an update to provide convenience to us xbox one gamers, not system integrity as if the OS is failing or causing issues. So take their time indeed which is only a few days at most.

Pogmathoin1344d ago

Angainor, and all, clearly this has nothing to do with common sense, its just another X1 fail as far as others see it. Its good they backed off and get it right, rather than brick and crash consoles, corrupt save games and so on.... Who cares if its of a day or two....

scootscottskeet931344d ago

Pog you love this site don't ya bud?

Utalkin2me1344d ago

Obviously you have not used windows 8, roflamo....

Eonjay1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

So we should probably go update the cover story...

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