Evolve's graphics: expect "parity" on Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Rejoice, people who don't have any patience for wrangling about graphical discrepancies! It appears that Turtle Rock's Evolve will look pretty much the same whether you tackle it on Xbox One, PS4 or PC.

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GarrusVakarian1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Why wouldn't a dev take full advantage of each platform? Is it just easier/less time and money consuming to aim for parity? Is it because of fear of backlash from the higher ups? But it can't be the latter because many games are looking and performing better on PS4......

I don't really see the point in aiming for parity because by doing so you have to cater for the lowest common denominator (which in this case would be the X1) and the other versions won't be at their full potential.

Don't get me wrong, the game looks awesome and im sure it will be awesome on all 3 platforms.....but devs should use everything they have available to them. PC players especially are being gimped here.

Neonridr1622d ago

could just be due to an easier development cycle if you only need to create one set of textures to be used across all three platforms. Less time spent optimizing one console more than the other to get increased performance.

While I agree with you, who knows what goes on at these studios. Maybe it's only a small team working on the project so they don't have the time/money to be customizing each platform. Copy + Paste + ship out to the masses. Unfortunately that seems to be the motto for some companies.

GarrusVakarian1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

"could just be due to an easier development cycle if you only need to create one set of textures to be used across all three platforms.

"Maybe it's only a small team working on the project so they don't have the time/money to be customizing each platform."

Yeah, those points actually make perfect sense. Im not saying "ZOMG, PS4 and PC versions are gimped because of the weaksauce X1!"......but you know, people make their choice of platform and i believe each platform should be used to it's full potential and no one should have to have a gimped version. But if it is due to the size/budget of the studio then it's understandable.

Death1622d ago

You are aware it is both the PS4 and Xbox One versions that would drag the game down aren't you? While the PS4 appears to be stronger than the Xbox One, neither comes close to what a gaming PC can do. A Titan or R290X GPU put the tablet APU's in the Xbox one and PS4 to shame.

Xsilver1622d ago

@death You act like a PS4/Xbox stops what a gaming PC can do sure if your have really good PC you can make a game peak so how are the PS4/XBox holding back PC :/.

frostypants1622d ago

@Death: It depends on the gaming PC. Most gaming PCs don't have those.

Hicken1622d ago

@Death: They can't code specifically for "a Titan or R290X GPU" so the game can't be held back, inherently, by consoles. It also has to be playable on weaker stuff than a Titan. It's true they may decide that a rather lofty baseline, but chances are that the minimum requirements will likely be around the same specifications as the consoles.

In any case, the weakest hardware will always hold stronger hardware back in situations such as this, even if the stronger hardware isn't the strongEST hardware.

UltraNova1622d ago


Are you aware that the people who own a PC with a TITAN GPU and the rest of THE ultra high end components that go with it are a fraction of those who own a $400-500 console?

Let me tell you right here that all developers are aware!

I get what you're saying though. I have a gaming PC my self and I love the freedom PC gives in terms of upgrades... but lets be real, high end PC gaming is for the minority and always will be.

Death1622d ago

You can pick up an R280X or an R290 for the same price as an Xbox One. Both GPU's are not only a generation ahead of the APU used in the new consoles, but also a few series higher. I'm not debating value per dollar that the consoles offer, I'm simply saying if you group the PS4/PC together andsaying the Xbox One is the weak link you are only fooling yourself. Gaming PC's stand alone with the PS4 and XBox One sitting together as the lowest common denominator.

Gaming PC's can run resolutions from 2560x1600 to 4096x2160 and at much faster fps than the Xbox One or PS4 can dream of.

It's weak saying not all gaming PC's are more powerful. PS3 fans didn't get more power until they paid $400 for a PS4. PC gamers can upgrade their rigs every year to remain cutting edge, it's not $3k to $5k a year like many want to believe. The 7950 I have overclocked in my Gaming PC is still stronger than the PS4 and Xbox One APU's and it's a few years old now.

ssj271622d ago

If PC elitist are so smart to build their own PC.. why can't they understand that PC games are made to run on the less powerful PC.. and that is what holds back their games.. you guy claim that consoles are medium range PC.. well then lower end PC are require to play this game.. meaning the PC is holding back Consoles and higher end PC and that is where mods come into play to make shine PC games to it maximun denominator.

This is easy to understand but i see that is very hard to accept. is easy to blame others and very hard to accept that you are the guilty one.

starchild1622d ago

Devs always say stuff like this but when the games actually come out they still look best on PC and have differences between the consoles.

Of course they are going to try to achieve a similar experience for gamers on all three platforms, but they aren't going to intentionally gimp what each platform is capable of just to make all three versions exactly identical.

Despite what they are saying, mark my words, the game will still show differences between the three platforms. PC > PS4 > XB1.

starchild1622d ago

@ Frostypants

I guarantee there are more people with high end gaming PCs that beat what the PS4 and XB1 are capable of than there are people that currently own PS4s or XB1s.

This will continue to be true well into the future. Even though more XB1s and PS4s will be sold over time, you also have to remember that more and more PC gamers will be upgrading their PCs with hardware that beats the consoles' specs.

Quit acting like high end gaming PCs are this minuscule fraction of the market. Count up all the sales of graphics cards at the HD 7950 / GTX 660ti level or higher and it would easily number many millions. Definitely greater than the 4 million people that own PS4s right now.

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theXtReMe11622d ago

Lukas, I couldn't have said it better myself. There is no reason a developer should hold one platforms game back, because of another's discrepancies. Give us the best version of each game, and you're guaranteed to sell a great amount of copies on each platform. Purposely gimp the game on any given platform and you're guaranteed to gimp your sales numbers.

UltraNova1621d ago

'There is no reason a developer should hold one platforms game back, because of another's discrepancies.'

Yeah...tell that to MS's checkbook...

tee_bag2421622d ago

The whole 'parity' term is a more lip service than anything. No one likes to be told their console's port is not going to be as good as the other. Just the same, no one likes to be told they have a an ugly child.

Letthewookiewin1622d ago

Exactly. They want each version to sell. And to add every developer so far has said "parity" for X1 and PS4 games, look how that has turned out.

morganfell1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

They may not want to be told but they need to be told. Otherwise the ugly kid gets an ugly younger brother. Not telling them the truth does not alter the facts.

But this isn't really what is going on here. Your analogy isn't quite on the mark. What is really occurring is they have decided that all three families should have ugly children, or at the very the stork brings two families children less attractive than they might have been.

Wee see this tripe all of the time. Young Timmy sucks at Little League so suddenly everyone gets a trophy and they do not keep score in the game. But despite the idiotic attempts of the parents, the kids keep score and they know who lacks skill. Further it lies to kids about the manner in which the real world functions. Kids should learn that losing sucks so they work harder not to be party to failure.

This parity situation with the platforms is no different. Either the developer does not have the ability or talent, the game isn't meant to be intensive and system demanding in certain areas, or they are intentionally uglyfying (Yes I just invented that word) certain versions so everyone gets a trophy that is now meaningless. And the latter is detestable and dishonest.

anticlimax1622d ago

Intentionally uglifying?


Every penny they spent on optimizing graphics, is a penny not spent on something else. Like content.
They didn't have a superbeautiful version and then spent money to dumb it down for XBox One. They just used their money on something else than better graphics.

morganfell1622d ago

You do not have to spend money to dumb something down. You just do not spend the money to give each owner the best of what their platform is capable.

Like content? Like DLC?

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Salooh1622d ago

So far most of the multiplatform are making their games at 1080p on the ps4 so IF X1 can't handle it i don't think they will lower the resolution for the ps4.

If they lowered it, it's either they maxed out the ps4 which is not possible since it's only been a year for the ps4 by the time it release , or they are fanboys being loyal to MS or MS paid them/contract.

die_fiend1622d ago

Wow, conspiracy theories arife!

I'm glad that this disparity was apparent immediately at the beginning of the console cycle as now devs will have to explain if they look the same. But the xbox is meant to get better drivers soon, which might decrease the gulf in power. But yeah I do hope they just keep the ps4 chugging out 60fps

Salooh1622d ago

I don't like the drivers claim , i can say the same thing about the ps4 since developers said it's future proof. When they unleash the power and see how much it effect the games performance then we can talk about it. As for now X1 is getting the worst version. Personally, it doesn't bother me but it is there and will effect the exclusives. Ps4 will have better looking exclusives and in this case multiplatforms should be better on ps4 without any excuse.

Let's all wait until release date to find out what it will offer and what it's situation. That's the best solution. I'm just guessing in my previous comment not trying to hate the X1.

Mr Pumblechook1622d ago

No two consoles are exactly alike so when a developer promises 'parity' you wonder if money is exchanging hands.

jmac531622d ago

Or Microsoft's parity clause.

die_fiend1622d ago

They just don't want people thinking they're getting an inferior version. They did it all the time last gen when it was usually the 360 getting the best multiplats.

But they always say things like 'the x1' version is great. Yeah, it might be good but it's leave a sour taste in my mouth for sure! I'm really happy with how tomb raider plays on the ps4 but I that's just a last gen upscale. Just imagine how good uncharted will look. Compare that to 6v6 720p 30fps and you'd be forgiven for thinking that kinect was a really really bad misstep

malokevi1622d ago

Exclusives are where you will find your power used. You can't honestly expect mutliplatform developers to create three unique versions of their game? That's silly.

GarrusVakarian1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

"You can't honestly expect mutliplatform developers to create three unique versions of their game?"

Where have you been since launch?

BF4 - X1-720p, PS4 - 900p with a better framerate, PC 1080p+ 60fps +

CoD Ghosts - X1-720p 60fps, PS4, 1080p 60fps, PC 1080p 60fps+

AC4 - X1- 900p 30fps with dips, PS4 - 1080p 30fps, PC 1080p+ 60fps +

Tomb Rider - X1 - 1080P (900p in some cutscenes) at 30fps with dips, PS4 - 1080p 60fps with dips, PC - 1080p+, 60fps+

See where this is going? We have been having 3 separate versions since launch. The Division devs and The Witcher 3 devs have said they are working on each platform individually too, optimizing for each platform separately. The results will most likely follow the current trend.

We are seeing the power difference in consoles with multiplats too. Im just asking for devs to use the full tools given to them, i didn't choose the more powerful console to be gimped to the lowest common denominator. Im sure PC players feel the same.

scott1821622d ago

I actually think multi plats are going to be where you see the difference actually, when you can compare two of the same product and considering the hardware is similar. PS4 seems to have a stronger GPU, that may be why it's easier to push the system, I am not good with hardware stuff though...

malokevi1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

I understand that, Luke, but it's a nicety, and shouldn't be an expectation. Notice any similarities between those titles? They are being developed by massive studios with enough manpower to run a small country.

Again, you can't honestly expect multiplatform developers to develop three unique versions of their games. It's silly.


"We are on a first name basis now? Lol, i never got that memo."

Your screenname is "lukas". Why be such a prick? Is that really necessary? Have I offended you?

"Maybe you should have put ALL multiplatform devs. Because from ones big enough, i do expect that, yes. "

So, the issue is now that I wasn't specific enough? Just admit you're wrong and move on. Your expectation is unrealistic, that's all there is to it.

Don't take everything so personally.

GarrusVakarian1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

"I understand that, Luke,"

We are on a first name basis now? Lol, i never got that memo.

"Again, you can't honestly expect multiplatform developers to develop three unique versions of their games. It's silly."

Maybe you should have said 'ALL' multiplatform devs. Because from ones big enough, i do expect that, yes. I see no reason apart from size of the studio/budget why a dev can't just use the extra power./tools available to them.....just like most have been doing so far.

XabiDaChosenOne1622d ago

"You can't honestly expect mutliplatform developers to create three unique versions of their game?"
All three platforms have the same architecture, all the have to do is crank up the settings on the platforms that can handle it. How much man power do you need to accomplish this? Enough with the excuses.

GarrusVakarian1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

"Your screenname is "lukas". Why be such a ****? Is that really necessary? Have I offended you?

Woah woah, calm down mate, i was only joking. I didn't take any offence to that. Seems that you need to stop taking things so personally.

"So, the issue is now that I wasn't specific enough? Just admit you're wrong and move on. Your expectation is unrealistic, that's all there is to it.
Lmao, im not wrong because games are available RIGHT NOW that prove me right, ive even just listed some. You are saying it's silly to expect devs to make 3 different versions of games when that is literally what has already been happening. I thought it would be more accurate for you to say "all" devs seeing as not all devs have the same amount of money/resources.

And my expectations are being met already though, so how are they unrealistic? In fact, it's because they are already being met that i expect it to continue. Games are releasing on each platform and each game looks and runs different on each platform. I expect that to continue from devs that have the man power/money to do so. In fact, now that the consoles have similar architecture to PC's it's more realistic to expect 3 different versions.

Any more facts that you want to tell me im wrong about? Or do you wanna keep arguing a point that's already being proven right by the games themselves?

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FamilyGuy1622d ago

All devs say this but they just mean "in general". In general all multiplatforn next gen titles look similar but none of them have been 100% identical.

There's really no need to be concerned about these parity statements anymore. We've already seen that devs do what they can do with the hardware and time they're given.

The game looks good and will look good on all platforms, I don't see a problem.

medman1622d ago

Parity on pc, ps4, and xbone? Sounds like a lazy or untalented developer to me. No sale. If you can't be bothered to fully optimize your game, I'll be sure not to be bothered to buy it.

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NatureOfLogic1622d ago

Rejoice! Games are being gimped because of Xbox One./s

OlgerO1622d ago

Sad but true, PS4 and PC will have to be gimped

BG115791622d ago

Why isn't the Xbox version being gimped because of WiiU version?
That would have been hilarious.

Death1622d ago


Unless you are talking about your mom's PC she uses to check her electronic mails, don't put PC and PS4 together like that. If you think that 1080p native vs upscaled or a couple fps seperate the Xbox One and PS4 by a large margin, the gap between consoles and Gaming PC's puts them on other planets.

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nope1111622d ago

Xbox is like a third wheel trolololololol.

CharlesSwann1622d ago

Xbox One, once again the ball and chain.

combatcash1622d ago

This game looks fantastic.