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inFAMOUS: Second Son Screenshots vs Real World: How Sucker Punch Created a Dark Seattle on PS4 Part2

Sucker Punch Productions decided to set inFAMOUS: Second Son in Seattle to exploit the fact that the studio is based in the historical North American city, giving them a chance to use their first hand knowledge of its rich architecture and feel to create a better and more lively environment for the game.

In this comparison between screenshots and real world, you'll see what they picked from their city, and what they changed. (inFamous: Second Son, PS4)

Nanux  +   318d ago | Funny
Funny thing happend: looked at screenshots and thought that graphic doesn't look so good. Then noticed i was looking at google street view not the sceenshot :D
1nsomniac  +   318d ago
That's crazy I did the same thing.

Every now & again I had to pause for a slight second to work out which one was the real image & look for the Google logo.
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   318d ago
Especially this one - http://images.pushsquare.co...

OlgerO  +   318d ago
@Lukas is that the real one or the infamous one
scott182  +   318d ago
It doesn't get better than this, by far the graphics to beat. Maybe the Order can top it, who knows. I can't believe they managed to get 1080p for it, This looks incredible.
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FamilyGuy  +   318d ago
@ Lukas

Wasn't that photo part of the concept art group that was shown a couple days ago? The game looks great but I'm not sure that particular picture is in game.
3-4-5  +   318d ago
@lukas - That is the one.

That is arguably the most "Next Gen" screenshot I've seen yet in any game.
ambientFLIER  +   318d ago
Either I have the best eyes in the world or it's pretty easy to tell which one is the game and which one is google. Yes, it looks nice...for a game. You people are trying too hard to make it something that it's not. Not to mention the fact that the google images are really bad and low-res/washed out, like an old cellphone pic, which doesn't say much for Infamous when it compares favorably.

I don't know, I'm just more excited for The Division I guess.

Click disagree under my comment if you agree with me.
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badz149  +   318d ago
Damn it...I just want to have the damn game now. The wait is killing me!
Meltic  +   318d ago
Looks so Beautiful. Im gona explore so much in this game not only do missions. Just run everywhere :D
assdan  +   318d ago
This looks like it might be the best looking open world game when it drops. Can't wait! Looks sooo good, and I loved the first two.
showtimefolks  +   318d ago
true next gen experience

coming very soon to a ps4 near your TV
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Oh_Yeah  +   318d ago
... I think you might play a little too many games if you got them mixed up. Lol they look good yes, but you can still tell it's a game.
Destrania  +   318d ago
The art direction in this game is amazing, and the level of detail is insane!
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AnthonyF123  +   318d ago
This game will be sooo epic.
FamilyGuy  +   318d ago
It's pretty clear why this wasn't a launch title with all the effort being put in to it. Having a restrictive time frame would've been a hit to the quality. I'm surprised it's coming out so soon really.
My_precious  +   318d ago
is this real life...........
TH3BR3W  +   318d ago
Lol no your just still suffering the effects of the dentists drugs
killzzo  +   318d ago
or is just a fantasy ?
Chaostar  +   318d ago
Caught in a landslide,
No escape from reality.
miyamoto  +   318d ago
Open your eyes,
Look up to the sky and see...
Heisenburger  +   318d ago
Wayne's World! Wayne's World! Party time! Excellent!

I'll see myself out... XD

But before I do, let me just say that I'm so anxious to get my hands on inFamous. It looks phenomenal.
ginsunuva  +   318d ago
I bless the rains down in Africa!
assdan  +   318d ago
Let me just say that everyone who has commented on My_precious' comment has helped restore my fate in humanity and the gaming community.
madworldps4  +   318d ago
amazing Bro,I can't wait to have it...
FlappyBird  +   318d ago
My body is ready.
jacksjus  +   318d ago
Huh? I don't get it.
chrissx  +   318d ago
Amazing stuff. This gen is gonna be awesome
mogwaii  +   318d ago
Looking forward to the game but none of these pics match up.
amiga-man  +   318d ago
Match up to what?

Oh ok see what your saying, thanks for replying.
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Meltic  +   318d ago
match up for what?. Its not a 100% copy of Seattle. They have mixed it with Seattle and their own stuff. Its better :). Looks fenomenal. Cant wait to explore and have fun with the game + the bad ass headsets for ps4
ZodTheRipper  +   318d ago
Of course they did, to match the gameplay mechanics. Watch Dogs or GTA are games which need a more "real" copy of the city.
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mogwaii  +   318d ago
I just mean that they are trying to show examples of land marks within seattle in real life vs the game and none of what they are showing matches up, what was the point of the article? A roads a road, a brick wall is a brick wall.
Abriael  +   318d ago
@mogwaii: maybe you need better glasses.
Salooh  +   318d ago
Reality don't fit with the gameplay so they add more stuff .
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BitbyDeath  +   318d ago
They've added more buildings and things for better climbing so in a lot of the pictures you have to try find a match as to why they are similar.

First for example, not only the ocean but also the glowing building on the bottom left. (Albeit smaller in real life)

The second image took me a while but in the google shot you can see the cars are driving on the bridge, this bridge is supposed to be the same which is lifted up on the inFamous shot. You can't see the water on the google pic which is why it's a bit hard to translate but I guess google wouldn't offer up a better shot of it. (Angles are all different too)
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theXtReMe1  +   318d ago
Very cool. Though, I could never understand why the developers don't go around the cities that they try to portray and get local businesses to advertise in their games. It would probably end up paying for the production of the game and all of the proceeds from game sales would be profit.

Regardless, the game looks incredible. I just hope we are able to explore the mountainous regions also and we don't we don't hit a brick wall in doing so. Also, will be be able to visit the buildings across the bay on that island?

It may just be me, but I love to explore each and every inch of game maps that developers create for us to play in. It's generally what I spend the first 10 or 20 hours of an open world game doing. I think I spent 100 hours just roaming around Oblivions landscape, taking in the sights and just admiring all of the artwork.

I plan to do the same with this game and watchdogs.
jacksjus  +   318d ago
Actually they did do some of that. The pink elephant car wash place in the game is real and the real car wash will be selling copies of the game when it launches.
theXtReMe1  +   318d ago
I didn't know that. Very cool that they're selling copies of the game at the car wash. Thanks for the info.
jacksjus  +   318d ago
The game's images actually look more appealing the the real photos. That's impressive.
ambientFLIER  +   318d ago
That's what happens when you compare a post-processed high rez cgi image to a washed out and pixelated google maps image...not very hard to beat "reality" when you make it look like it was taken on a cameraphone from 1999.

Can't disagree with facts. Yes, the game looks good. No, it's not photo-realistic.
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Lboogieskells  +   318d ago
Hard to believe this is an open world game.
pyramidshead  +   318d ago
Can't wait until the new previews 2moro. Hopefully see some different gameplay finally. Journos are already saying good things.
scott182  +   318d ago
Oh man, looks sooooo good.
jocomat9  +   318d ago
how can people say this game isn't amazing graphically?
Tzuno  +   318d ago
is this a joke? there is a really big difference between reality and those game screenshots, i don't know why they insist with all that shine effect when in reality the things like street don't shine like that even on rain or winter. drop your fan-boy sunglasses.
Flames76  +   318d ago
Long way from looking real but not to bad.Almost on par with Ryse
Bathyj  +   318d ago
snake_eater  +   317d ago
You're right, almost on par with flappy bird.
xfear2diex  +   318d ago
this look so good still you can,t compare it to real life
and i prefer to look at it on 40'tv
and that if it,s not bullshots
condemmedman  +   318d ago
yep one looks like a game and one looks like real life! you guys are so easily turned on. best wait to see it in motion first
bligmerk  +   318d ago
Real life is bland. If you have been to Seattle, it isn't exactly an exciting city although it can be fun. The Seattle in Infamous is an exciting city, with deep dark areas and architecture worth leaping and electric gliding over. Whether it is near photo realistic isn't the issue. The game has that enhanced reality that will result in only what can be called enjoyment.
PickAShoe  +   317d ago
The wall of gum is pretty disgusting.
DoubleM70  +   317d ago
The internet is not doing these games justice. I need to see it in person running on my TV.

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