Why Hearthstone Is Quickly Becoming One of My Favorite Games | MMOGames

In an article a while back I addressed the issues of whether or not Hearthstone was pay-to-win. I am rather fearful that in that particular column it came across that I did not like Blizzard's new collectible card game. Perhaps the truth of the matter is that at that point I didn’t really like the game, but I also didn’t hate it. The problem was that I was losing an awful lot of matches and I felt like it was mainly to do with the fact that people had some better cards than I did and that it would take me a long time to build up a worthy deck. My conclusion was that Hearthstone was pay-to-win, or pay-to-be-competitive at the least. Whilst I still have yet to prove or disprove that theory, like I said I would in the article, something has definitely changed since then.

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