Evolve Xbox One screenshots - check out Turtle Rock's deadly menagerie

Here are the first proper screenshots for Turtle Rock's Evolve, a ferocious, finely balanced co-op shooter for Xbox One. They reveal one of the game's maps, four Hunter class variations and their big, ugly quarry, the monstrous Goliath - the first of several playable alien predators. Here be dragons? Friend, if all we have to worry about are dragons, we'll be doing very well indeed.

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DarkLord10031618d ago

It could just be me - but I really think the games looks generic as hell...

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Mister_Dawg1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )


@Dark. Yep dude its you ;-)

Lukebb911618d ago

This game looks so fun. tense, action, fear and suspense

namEuser1617d ago

"Brute Force" anyone....