Evolve First Impressions Preview (Strategy Informer)

From "I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we’re not exactly lacking in good multiplayer shooters these days. Call of Duty and Battlefield continue to dominate the charts, Titanfall and Destiny are ready to battle it out later this year, so it takes a special type of multiplayer game to consider going up against them. Turtle Rock Studios (alongside 2K) are going to attempt just that with Evolve, their follow-up to Left 4 Dead (which they made alongside Valve). The L4D games remain pretty unique in the gaming landscape (with only Payday really attempting their style of co-op gameplay) so a brand new multiplayer title from that team would be hugely welcome right about now".

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JamieReleases1437d ago

Yeah it does, I like the sound of it from the preview.