Grab It Magazine February Cover Revealed - Thralled

Grab It Magazine has just announced its cover star for its latest issue, and it's the debut feature on the stunning Thralled, due out later this year. Details inside.

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iosgamer1501d ago

This game does sound amazing. I wonder what other formats it will come out on.

CoyoteHunter1501d ago

Wow - what a fascinating looking game. This really highlights how important indie devs are because I don't think we would have seen this game come through traditional avenues.

iosgamer1501d ago

No chance I am guessing. Female protagonist... with a baby... slavery... period piece... arty aesthetic... no publisher would touch this in a million years. Listening to the guy talk about why he did it in the interview is super inspiring, too. I hope the word about this game gets out and about.