PS4 GPU More About Ease of Use Than Top Speed - Helldivers Dev

"There's still a lot we don't know about the hardware with regards to CPU speed, but how about the GPU speed which is set at 1.85 TFlops? GamingBolt spoke to CEO and game director Johan Pilestedt of Arrowhead Game Studios - which is developing Helldivers - about the same."
""There's still a lot we don't know about the hardware with regards to CPU speed, but how about the GPU speed which is set at 1.85 TFlops?"

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thereapersson1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

PS4 is the way forward when it comes to creating the best-performing console titles. Visuals are purely aesthetically subjective, but raw performance is blatantly tipped in the PS4's favor. I don't know why people keep arguing over it as if unproductive banter and denial is going to change anything. Rhetorical statement, of course... it's obvious why people argue over this stuff.

The games are another story, as people prefer titles differently, so in that case you will buy the system because it has the games you like. However if you are buying a console that has the guarantee of having greatest power advantage this generation, the choice is clear.

ProjectVulcan1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

This article is more about ease of use for smaller developers who don't have the sort of technical resources major development studios have.

It's probably more important for indies and small devs that a platform is easy to make games on than how ultimately powerful it is.

PS4 was designed to be more powerful than other console platforms, and just as easy if not easier to develop on. Such was the focus when the machine and software tools were designed.

thereapersson1595d ago

This is true, which is why PC's have been a bastion for indies for decades. It's great, however, that consoles are becoming more open and inviting for smaller developers. That, and the technology is advancing at a dramatic rate, so titles that were full-blown retail games a couple generations ago can now be made with ease, keeping digital distribution in mind.

Bob Dole1595d ago

Getting Don't Starve on ps4 made Bob Dole want to buy it on steam just for the point n clicky. He'd also considered outlast for a while, and BAM there that was too. In a year from now we'll all be smothered in indy gravy and it will be a good thing.

TheKayle11595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

future of what?! i think u was meaning the "future" console in ur home

ps. lol at this adjustments...

xOne gpu do 1.32 tf not in the article
ps4 gpu do 1.84 tf not 1.85 as in the article

Nocando1595d ago

If you do the math, the X1 will be at 1.42tf when they free up 8% from the OS/Kinect. Not that it will matter much in what we see, but still better than it was.

Eonjay1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )


No they can only do 1.31. But 10% is saved for the Kinect so the over all available power is reduced. The 8 freed resources means that 1.29 TFlops will now be available for games. The gap in power will fall slightly to about 550GFlops Which in terms of power is more than an Xbox 360 and a Wii U combined. Thats a significant gulf.

imt5581595d ago


You are wrong, dude. Total power of XO GPU is 1.34 TF. 10% is reserved for OS and Kinect. That means 1.20 TF. Now, 8% of 10% will be unlocked for devs ( 2% remain for Kinect ) and XO GPU power will be 1.29 TF. Get it?

Edsword1595d ago

Wow, arguing about 3 hundredths of a teraflop. Don't you think this is getting ridiculous? Besides the TFs have little to do with the performance difference between the consoles. Unless MS develops a way to send everyone an expansion kit the PS4 will always have more shaders and more ROIs, and then there's the gddr5. Focus more on what the developers are doing not on the console specs, otherwise prepare to remain disappointed.

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chrissx1595d ago

Sony did a great job with the console. Let others watch and learn

Agent_hitman1595d ago

The dev said that the ps4's speed is comparable to jet fighter while the X1 is comparable to watercooler..

TheKayle11595d ago

he also said that u get a bubble down

ramiuk11595d ago

lol really??
that would be so funny if he did

Mister_Dawg1595d ago

Another pointless article which requires my pointless post ;-)

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