Evolve PS4 screens – classes & monsters on show

OPM: You can find out what it’s like to be a monster in Evolve on PS4 with our hands on here. But if you just want to look at the pretty pictures then this would be the best place.

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FamilyGuy1591d ago

Damn, media blow out on this game all of a sudden.

MRMagoo1231591d ago

I can imagine most people are going to want to be the monster , it looks like it will be the more fun choice. it is prob the only choice for me i cant be arsed with shooting lol.


Lets Compare Xbox One and PS4 screen shots! :D
: http://media.officialplayst...

Xbox One: http://cdn.medialib.totalxb...

Awwww man, You mean these are both PC screenshots :/ LOL I hate when they LIE!

1OddWorld1590d ago

Change your name to NUCKnFUTZ you butt hurt fanboy. Cant wait for you to have no bubbles.