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Start Replay recently got the chance to sit down with Turtle Rock Studios' upcoming FPS Evolve. Straight from the minds of those who brought you the Left 4 Dead series, Evolve sets out to usher in an evolution of their four player cooperative gameplay, opposite one extra addition - a fifth, player-controlled monster known as the Goliath. We got to play each of the four classes, as well as the monster itself. What did we think?

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urwifeminder1616d ago

I am just going to stand there and let people take me down with out a fight ha ha should amuse me for a while.

Sketchy_Galore1616d ago

Just because a tactic works at a man on man bear orgy doesn't mean it makes for good videogaming.

Deadmonkey761616d ago

Man this game looks to be a blast I can't wait to play it. I just hope there is an offline mode like LFD ether way I'll probably pick it up day one hope there will be some kind of demo

Shabutie131616d ago

You can play with all bots if you wish, as stated in a youtube gameplay video breakdown, but "It won't be as much fun as with real people." I agree with the sentiment, but that was from the previewers opinion.