Planetside 2: One Game to Rule Them All

This article explores some of the cool things you'll expect from a game you might have never heard of. Check out this F2P game to experience it in all of its glory.

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MysticStrummer1560d ago

Hoping to have a PS4 by the time Infamous releases, but if a Planetside 2 PS4 beta was starting up soon I'd go scour the city today trying to find one. Really looking forward to playing this on PS4.

thrust1560d ago

You should get it on the pc it s a good game

MysticStrummer1560d ago

I've never liked gaming on PC, with a few notable exceptions. I'd rather have Planetside 2 on my big screen and surround sound. Yes… I know you can run a PC through there too, but I have no interest in doing that and I'm getting a PS4 soon for Infamous anyway. I'm just a console guy.

XisThatKid1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

I don't have a good enough pc for this so thats out of the equation. I NEED a BETA ASAP! I'm Super excited for this. I played MAG for 4 years (1 year of BETA). DUST 514 just doesn't do it for me and I tried. I'm eating up every bit of info I can until release.

godofboobees1560d ago

Really hate that you can't play with PC players. A lot of my friends play it and would like to join them in the action

Lanzer1556d ago

Yeah that's a huge shame, connecting the two would be awesome.

KakashiHotake1560d ago

Yeah Planetside 2 is legit. PS fans are in for a sweet surprise with this one.

SolidDuck1560d ago

Really excited for this. Anyone who has played this, what does it play like? On videos it kinda looks like a battlefield or mag type setup only bigger. With a halo or maybe section 8 type gameplay. Just curious from someone who had played it on PC.

impet251560d ago

Well 2 me its like battlefield on a much bigger scale. Graphics are amazing, I really can't find a game I could compare it to as far as gameplay, but it a really fun game, can't wait 2 play with my ps4 friends.

KwietStorm1560d ago

It's like Battlefield 2142, only much bigger and with more options.

Master-H1560d ago

I don't think my shitty connection is going to be able to keep up with this game if it has 2000 player count.

fredrikpedersen1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

Connection is not an issue. It's not like your client will be rendering everyone on the massive continent at once. Even in intense 100+ battle with tanks, sundies and planes, I've had no problem with my limited connection.

And that's with 300+ hours gametime

Master-H1559d ago

Bro, i have a 512kbps connection, that's like a 60+ KB download speed, am gonna suffer...

fredrikpedersen1557d ago

You'll be fine. I've monitored the network usage during heavy gameplay and it's nothing like that.

But seriously, that's a 2002-grade connection you've got there oO