Far Cry 4: Taking The Franchise One Step Ahead

"Far Cry started as a first person shooter in a long line of already extant fps games that some bothered with and some didn’t."

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theXtReMe11441d ago

The Himalayas would be incredible. It is one of the most diverse settings they could ever have in the game. I also hope that the writer of this article is right in the fact that they are going to include a yeti for us to find. If that is the case, I will spend a hundred hours looking for it, while exploring and taking in the landscape.

I'm going to guess this game won't see a release until 2015 or 2016. It's going to be one hell of a wait. I've always loved the Far Cry series, for its gameplay and freedom of movement. Not to mention, its incredible visuals.

I hope we find more out about this game very soon. I'll be eagerly awaiting it's release.