What We Want In: The Next Red Dead

"With the new title likely to be a year or more away we discuss six things (some more significant than others) we want from Rockstar’s next big Western adventure."
AMHNetwork discussed 6 things they want in the next Red Dead Game. Agree with their thoughts?

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The_KELRaTH1466d ago

1 - it's on the PC
2 - the 1st RDR goes on the PC (and even PS4/X1) as this type of game would be fantastic in high image quality.

Yi-Long1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

I would like to see ...

1: Bull riding, and being able to sell the horses you catch. That's stuff I thought were left out of the last game, but should have been in there.

2: Your own farm, so you keep animals, grow crops. Kinda a mature version of Harvest Moon. You'd be able to sell your crops and animals, slaughter them for meat and sell that, go out and catch new stock, fight against horse-thieves, etc etc etc. Possibilities are endless. It could be a complete game within a game. Of course, it's optional, so you can completely ignore it, or leave these duties to one of your farm hands.

3: Bullet-cam. The fantastic effect we saw and loved in Sniper Elite. It should be in many MANY games. Would have loved to have seen it in GTA5.

4: Much bigger cities. Obviously keeping the huge amount of open wasteland to explore.

5: Much more side-missions.

6: I would like a female protaganist for once, although they could do the same as they did with GTA5, using multiple characters within that world where you can switch between them.

7: The fighting and such could use some improvements, preferably a system like Arkham, where you can easily use weapons in the middle of a fight, like a knife, a whip, etc etc.

theDivision1466d ago

One thing I would love is to be able to make your own protagonist. I highly double it will happen but I would love it to. I definitely don't want multiple protagonists, and being able to make your own seems to just make the most people pleased. It would be fun/ interesting to be able to choose your race and sex and have players react to that and allow certain side quests only to be available to people of certain race/sex.

RobbyGrob1466d ago

Mountable dragons with cowboy hats.

KonsoruMasuta1466d ago

Why does this have a PC tag? ;)

SolidGear31466d ago

What I'd love to see? Agent

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