Fallout & Skyrim Publisher Hiring For Next-Gen Game

NowGamer: "Bethesda is currently hiring for Battlecry Studios, who are working on an 'undisclosed AAA PC and next-generation console game'."

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Dinkis1437d ago

Hope its fallout. Ill play it on any system I can

AliTheSnake11437d ago

Bethesda Game Studios is definitely working on Fallout 4. Hopefully this Battlecry Studios is working on a next gen port of Skyrim before moving on to new projects. Shouldn't take them much time, it will also familiarize them with the new hardware

0pie1437d ago

yess more buggy unplayable mess please!

Akuma071437d ago

Give them a chance to produce a next-gen title first, before condemning them.

0pie1436d ago

I highly doubt the verry low bethesda quality standart will go higher because of the next gen.

SteamPowered1437d ago

Some big shoes to fill. Those games were special.

XiSasukeUchiha1437d ago

Anyone else hoping for Fallout 4?

lacrossemonkey891437d ago

Bethesda (owned company) hiring means Fallout 4 or Elder Scrolls 6!!

Feels like I've heard this a time or 2 before. I have to doubt Fallout 4 or ES6 would be developed by someone other than Bethesda themselves, unless its an off-shoot game like New Vegas. Probably DLC, a new IP, or something to do with TESO.

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