This Custom Titanfall Xbox One May Be Better than the Leaked One

Remember the Titanfall Xbox One bundle leaked a couple weeks ago and that was allegedly canned due to the production price? Reddit user Nal1200 evidently liked the idea, so he set out to make one of his own.

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Septic1498d ago

This looks WAY better.

Team_Litt1498d ago

That there is a good looking mod. Well done internet guy.

badboy7761497d ago

Still not better than the PS4!

Excalibur1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

That looks way better but if that is the way it looks then the controller and headset won't match.

jackanderson19851498d ago

could just change the xbox one controller and a headset to match?

Excalibur1498d ago

Well they probably could but my guess would be since the game is out next month, those designs are probably finalized.

jackanderson19851498d ago

i hate these creative people who can do this stuff to their consoles... i can't even colour in the lines let alone re-cover an entire console.

damn you! god damn you all to hell!

JeffGUNZ1498d ago

haha I know man, I am the same way. Bubbles up, you made me spit my coffee out when I read that!

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The story is too old to be commented.