'Games are an oasis,' Japanese Singer Eir Aoi Begins Writing Serial Game Column On Dengeki Online

Eir Aoi loved playing games since childhood, and is an owner of most game consoles. She is known among her fans as a hardcore gamer who plays dark-fantasy RPG and FPS.

The idea to feature her as a columnist came up when she did an interview with Dengeki Online at the time of her album release. As the conversation proceeded, it became evident that she was a hardcore gamer. The Dengeki Online staff loved her and offered her this position asking, 'would you like to start writing a column on games?', to which she agreed.

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cleft51496d ago

Games are an oasis, that's exactly how I feel. Life is more than games, but games help you deal with life when it all become too much to handle. It's not about escaping from reality, but coping with it. That's why I will continue to play games for the rest of my life.