Intel to add low-power Graphics to boost Gaming on Ultrabook

Gadgetgyaan: Intel had started the concept of Ultrabooks but most of their laptops just feature basic graphic card and what happens is that the consumers are disappointed with that much graphics they get for the price they pay. But no longer this will happen, since, Intel had made a new discovery which will boost the Graphics and Gaming performance.

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ninjahunter1764d ago

Ide like to see intel cards that can work in tangent with nvidia or ATI cards. Kinda like SLI or Crossfire. If you buy a laptop these days its almost allways packing both an intel and a discrete graphics card. I think a lot of laptop owners would apreciate an extra 20% or so performance boost from hardware they are forced to have whether they want it or not.

novynova1764d ago

They should just kill the Ultrabook branding.