New Pokemon Movie Reveals The 719th Pokemon

Hardcore Gamer: Back in the late nineties, they weren’t joking when the said there was “a hundred and fifty or more to see.” Turns out there’s 569 and counting.

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admiralvic1684d ago

I can't believe there are over 700 Pokemon...

ChaosKnight1684d ago

There's a hundred and fifty or 569 more to see....

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1684d ago

i can't believe they're over 718 pokemon

mii-gamer1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

great find. Is the magazine coro coro?

edit dw i just read the article. it is coro coro.

pretty much confirms diancie is indeed real

admiralvic1684d ago

The magazine is Coro Coro and images are included.

Magicite1684d ago

I cant believe there are people who know them all!

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PS4isKing_821684d ago

I still remember when the max number was 151 lol

tigertron1684d ago

I remember being incredibly hyped for the first movie waaaay back in 2000.

WatDoesTheStarFoxSay1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )


Slade231684d ago

Then why are you here? lol

ironfist921684d ago

You think they'll eventually stop at 1000?

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1684d ago

Pokemon feel off after the Hoen region.

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