5 ways to Cause Havoc in GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 is the most expensive video game ever made. It took the world by storm on September 17th, 2013 and has never looked back since.

The whole point of GTA 5 online is to wreck as much havoc with your friends as you can. There are game modes such as team deathmatch, racing through the traffic ridden streets , or missions to catch and kill drug dealers. The real money and bang for your buck is in the mayhem you can cause.

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BiggCMan1767d ago

"ways to Cause Havoc in GTA 5"

Tell people you think it wasn't that good, parts were rushed, and you traded it in for Saints Row 4.

Havoc caused.

Matt6661767d ago

I still prefer GTA:SA / GTA:VC

BiggCMan1767d ago

Hell yea! Also my comment was not intended to bash GTA V, it was just making fun of people that would start an argument over it.

Matt6661765d ago

wow it amazing how people can disagree on an opinion, yea so what if I got an different opinion to you, doesn't make it wrong or right, since its an opinion

Matt6661767d ago

I know man, I like all the GTA's there all good in there own ways, I was just saying them two are still my favorites

chrissx1767d ago

Wrong thumbnail that's Niko of GTA 4

TylerValdal1767d ago

GTA 5 has gotten ridden with trolls and people who do not play on a team :( so many feels

SneakyDoo1767d ago

How to cause havoc. "Rebelliously", bash/complain about the big, popular, and successful game on the Internet,the Internet, expecting rockstar to listen.

lexparsimony1766d ago

This whole list seems fairly obvious, oh you can cause a ton of havoc with the tank? Really now?!?

I prefer the more subversive ways, like pushing people on to the train tracks as a train approaches or walking into them at a brisk pace at the top of a flight of stairs. Usually, a nasty tumble and their phone/coffee follows and it never ceases to be hilarious.