Why Subscription Based Games are Dying Out

I have heard a lot of mixed opinions about subscription based model as opposed to the now more popular free to play model, and have come to some conclusions of my own...

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Agent_hitman1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Yeah most people were tired about Subscription based videogames cause they are so sick about being milked by these companies..

I would rater play free MMO or FPS than to pay for nothing..

DarkEnergy1764d ago

I don't mind paying a sub for mmo as long as the content keeps coming and its worth paying, i cant stand most FTP MMOs.

Afistnu1764d ago

Guild Wars 2 has it right.

Spinal1764d ago

GW2 is no where near successful as WoW.

WoW has it right, thats why over 7 mil are still subbed and subs went up recently.

Their content is worth the sub price. Right now they're prepping for another expansion.

Thing I dont like about GW2 is they don't seem to have 'expanisions' just a large update which doesnt feel the same.

Volkama1764d ago

Box price, separate expansions, subscription, micro-transaction shop. All that with the worst content delivery schedule in the business.

WoW certainly has it right from someone's perspective, but I'm not sure it's the consumer.

Roccetarius1764d ago

You forgot that most of the content GW2 delivers is temporary. Plus, the endgame is not worth the time for most people.

Dehnus1764d ago

What keeps WOW over 7 million is mostly peer pressure and 15 minute dungeons that are perfectly tailored like Slot Machines in timespan and reward.

Content actually gotten worse in quality and amount.

Large updates are what made Vanilla so great. But again that is a personal thing and I'm no longer the target audience obviously ;). Being an RPG gamer and Roleplayer and former PVP lover (Loved Alterac Valley) I am just not a member of their largest and most important target audience any more.

Jyndal1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

I understand that Wildstar is going to try something different. There will be the standard subscription, then, if I understand it right, there will be an in-game currency that you somehow earn (perhaps by testing in PTS) to pay for your subscription.

Edit: I was wrong. You purchase time from other players in-game with gold.
From the Wildstar website:

C.R.E.D.D. is an in-game item that, when consumed, extends an account’s subscription by 30 days. C.R.E.D.D. can be bought from other players in-game via the Commodities Exchange (CX) for earned in-game gold, or you can purchase C.R.E.D.D. online at the WildStar website. If you go for C.R.E.D.D. you can use your first month of gameplay to earn gold while playing WildStar. Next month, instead of paying the monthly subscription fee, you can use gold earned in-game to purchase C.R.E.D.D. from other players through our in-game Commodities Exchange. You can then redeem your C.R.E.D.D. for another month of WildStar game-time. You can continue this cycle over & over again, enabling you to “play to pay” for WildStar.

Roccetarius1764d ago

Depending on how much it's going to cost, i think that seems pretty fair. It's not a new system at all, but it's a great alternative.

Anyways, the recent MMO releases just haven't been able to justify a sub, which is why people have been pushed towards lower quality. The F2P experience is quite different to P2P, since people are more invested and interested in building a community.

If Wildstar can't sustain a sub, then i doubt any later MMO is able to. The content they're planning to provide seems pretty substantial.

Jyndal1764d ago

What other MMO uses this kind of system?
I'd never heard of it before Wildstar.

Volkama1764d ago

PLEX and the numerous other games that copied Eve's system.

Basically boils down to legitimised gold selling and paying to win.

Jyndal1764d ago

I don't see how it's pay to win.
You're simply purchasing a currency to enable the continuation of your subscription.

Personally, I like the subscription model, and I even pay subs when it's not required on games I like to support.

Volkama1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )


It's pay to win because if you are so inclined you can use real money to buy in game currency (via this subscription time selling). Buying currency gives advantages I don't need to spell out.

Personally I like a subscription too, but I'm old school and I remember the days before WoW, when a subscription paid for regular content updates.

SegaGamer1764d ago

I would rather pay a subscription over having micro transactions. Micro transactions are an evil in the gaming world right now that needs to be destroyed :p

GGN1764d ago

I disagree. Micro transactions can be done tastefully and still allow for a larger audience to be reached. As long as you can't "Pay to Win", it is a better model. See League of Legends for proofs.