Why Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is the Wii U game you’ve been waiting for

MMGN: I’ve played through various levels of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze across all its diverse and colourful worlds, and while I haven’t come close to finishing Retro Studio’s second homage to a SNES icon, I’m certain this is the Wii U game I’ve been waiting 15 months for.

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Chupa-Chupa1687d ago

I heard the same thing about Super Mario 3D World. I need GTA on the Wii U. The Wii U edition that let's you see the full on adult scenes on the Wii U tablet.

Tidybrutes1687d ago

So when you think of awesome content you want for the Wii U gamepad you think adult scenes from GTA?

Chupa-Chupa1686d ago

It' s a good starting point.

SageShinigami1687d ago

1.) This game will probably be awesome.

2.) It's still another platformer on a system jam-packed with platformers. It's great if you love them, and they ARE good games, but some variety would be appreciated.

Vegamyster1687d ago

Once i saw more gameplay and heard the music i was sold.

BoneBone1687d ago

Any gamer worth their salt should be salivating with anticipation wanting to to play this. But I agree platforming has been overly represented on Wii U so far. But if you do love platformers, then there is no better console :-<

mcstorm1687d ago

I cant wait for this game. Loving the change the WiiU is bringing from the PS and Xbox brand. Its got too much about shooting on these two consoles. No saying the games are bad just nice to have a change with games like Mario, Zelda, DK ect.

4ShotKing1687d ago

If this was a 3D Platformer, I'd be interested but there are plenty of 2D platformers for me to play and the genre is over saturated.

Vegamyster1687d ago

There are plenty of others but that doesn't mean they'll be as good :p

R00bot1687d ago

Although I love 2D platdormers, I do agree that the genre is over-saturated. It's fine with me, but it can make people think that that is all the Wii U has to offer, which is simply incorrect.
Either way, this game looks incredible. I'm totally picking this up around launch.

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The story is too old to be commented.