God of War Collection PS Vita Gets New Images and Videos

GearNuke: "Sony has finally confirmed the release date for God of War Collection on the PS Vita. We have now got our hands on the video footage along with a couple of new screens."

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DarkHeroZX1766d ago

A welcomed edition to the vita

Alex_Boro1766d ago

GOW:3 Is my favorite game of all time. Beginning to end that game was just pure epicness.

WeAreLegion1766d ago

Agreed. It blew me away. Possibly the most epic piece of entertainment ever made.

etownone1766d ago


I might be one of the few gamers to ever play 1 & 2..... Cause I just prefer Xbox home consoles.... But I do buy the ps portables.

Can't wait to finally play those games.

Yodagamer1766d ago

Man this will be awesome on the vita screen and the framerate is looking good. That was my main worry with how past ps2 collections have turned out like jak. Has there been any word if it's a full 60 fps or 30 fps?

1766d ago
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