Titanfall Beta - What We Want To Know

The Titanfall beta is coming, and Greg and Alfredo have a few questions they want answered.

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4ShotKing1771d ago

All I want to know, when can I play this damn game! I WANT IT NAO!

Fishy Fingers1771d ago

If only the game was as original as your comment huh...

NatureOfLogic1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

COD actually seems more fun imo. I'm trying this on PC, but I doubt I'll be playing it for long after what I've seen so far.

4ShotKing1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Of course... Because it's a fast paced shooter, it's automatically CoD, but adding things like Agile and fast Mechs, Parkour that allows you to traverse the map without touching the ground, Cloud AI, Infantry and Mech gameplay built from the ground up, Campaign narrative MP is just ignored even though none of these elements are in any other shooter... *Facepalm*

VENOMACR12271771d ago

About the only thing COD and TitanFall have in common is fast paced arcade shooting action. Besides that, I see no similarities. COD doesn't have titans, futuristic made up weapons, or soldiers with jetpacks. TitanFall doesn't even have kill streaks. Outside of fast paced arcade shooter, they have nothing else in common.

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skydragoonity1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

I want to know if the game is worth the hype...

Tedakin1771d ago

I want to know what time we can start signing up. A lot of people are going to be refreshing the internet all day today.

Fishy Fingers1771d ago

When and where (assume Origin) can I sign up for the PC beta. All I want to know.

Fizzgig1771d ago

I want to know what love is!!

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