Listen Up – The Top 10 Musical Scores in Video Game History

With many wonderful songs out there, this was a tough list to make. However, we've narrowed it down to 10. Don't miss's Top 10 Musical Scores in Video Game History!

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Ziriux1744d ago

Halo 3 and halo series in general has some of the best orchestra music I've heard in a video game. Of course the music was one of it's staples when it released and in my opinion only got better over time.

Cinotix1744d ago

One of my favorite soundtracks ever I think is Metal Gear Solid franchise. Each game had a unique song for the moment. Some of the most epic sound tracks I've heard next to the Final Fantasy games.

travis405081744d ago

Yeah, it barely missed the top 10. I was going to do a noteworthy exceptions part and put it in there.

-Foxtrot1744d ago

Think if I was going to choose a FF soundtrack it would have to be FF8, the music in that game was unlike anything heard in a FF game before. It was different and in my opinion better. You have way more memorable tracks in that game then any other FF game

Ziriux1744d ago

The same composer that did the score for FF 8 no longer does the music for FF games so it's not going to be as amazing anymore. A lot of composers move onto better things and bigger projects.

travis405081744d ago

Yeah, I loved the FF VIII sound track, too. I think the over-all climate in FF X made me enjoy its music more, though.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1744d ago

My top ten video game ost in no particular order is

1:Chrono Cross
3:Final Fantasy VII
4:Final Fantasy VIII
5:Final Fantasy IX
6:Final Fantasy X
7:Silent Hill 2
8:Silent Hill 3
9:Breath of Fire IV
10:Final Fantasy XI

WeAreLegion1744d ago

Opinions are obviously going to be different, but I don't think the author has played that many games. These are all good, but still.

REDBEARD1744d ago

If you don't have DKC2 in a best musical score list, I immediately dismiss the list.

(not really serious, but still)

Chard1744d ago

^ This guy understands.

(I'd also throw in Secret of Mana)