You shouldn’t be disappointed by Dark Souls 2’s T rating

Confirming a rumor first spotted in late 2013, the ESRB has rated Dark Souls 2 at T in contrast to the Souls series’ history of M-rated games. It’s a surprise to say the very least, but what’s stranger is how controversial the rating has already proven to be. Classing the game as a Teen title has incited uproar among the Souls community, rife with the typical cries of the game being trivialized, or of mature content being withheld in an effort to attract the younger audience.

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Kamikaze1351768d ago

Man...I love Dark Souls because of the gameplay. I don't care of they cut back on gore, design, or the story. As long as the gameplay is good, then I'm still excited for it.

Snookies121768d ago

I don't think they cut things out, I think they just designed it how they wanted and it turned out that it wasn't quite an 'M' rating. Nothing wrong with that.

Bob Dole1767d ago

Dark Souls wasn't a very violent game to begin with but; Bob Dole's gonna wait a month (hopefully only a month) for the PC version and mod the blood back in if it's possible. If not oh well the game is gonna be badass regardless of how much blood is in the final release.

Timesplitter141767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

I can't say I agree about cutting back on design and story. Dark Souls' atmosphere and lore is amazing and it's a huge part of what makes this game great. I can't think of many games that can even compare to it. Dark Souls wouldn't be the same without the depressed, suicidal, mentally ill characters and the environments filled with death and torture devices.

But, if you look at the ESRB description of both games, it seems the content of the two games is nearly identical (warning : very minor spoilers (vague descriptions of a few bosses)):

So basically it's just the ESRB lowering their standards. Or it could be because Dark Souls 1 had dismemberment (cutting tails), which would theoretically give it an M rating. But yeah, in short, there's nothing to worry about.

MrSwankSinatra1768d ago

honestly whoever makes a big deal about this type of stuff, have no lives.

PurpatraitorMGS1767d ago

It could be E... Its still going to kick my ass either way.

KillerBanana71767d ago

Why would I be? Honestly, people can whine over the smallest things. If it's rated T as opposed to M is it going to change the quality of the game....NO!

DanielGearSolid1767d ago

Atleast more teens can buy it without their parents in retail

It really doesn't matter, no DS fan comes for the blood and gore. Its the gameplay!

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The story is too old to be commented.