Batman Arkham Origins BlackGate Deluxe Edition Confirmed for Xbox 360, and preferably PC/PS3

GearNuke: "Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate was an original release of a Batman game on the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS. It has been confirmed to be coming soon to Xbox Live, and preferably PC and PS3."

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da_2pacalypse1766d ago

So... I'm just wondering... Why couldn't they upscale the graphics on the Vita then? Because the vita version looked like a 3DS game...

sypher1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Not sure how well the Vita one sold. My guess is most of work was done on the 3DS one (primary) as they anticipated the most sales to come from that platform.

And then just ported it across without spending too much time on the Vita version.

P.S. I know they are unreliable but VGChartz says Vita version sold 200k and 3DS 110k. So going by that Vita sold more, maybe it will weigh into their decisions in future. Who knows. Guess we now know why they are releasing this version though :) they want at least 500k sales.

da_2pacalypse1766d ago

Well I'm simply saying that with the graphics they had for the vita version... they probably could have ported arkham origins to the vita... Those graphics were terrible and it was obviously because of the fact that it was ported from the 3ds.

vishmarx1766d ago

am i the only one who finds this a little odd

ShinMaster1765d ago

It's easier to upscale than to downscale.

If they had developed it for Vita first, with decent animations, lighting, textures and whatnot, it would've been harder to port to the 3DS.

Totally held it back IMO. Love my 3DS, but damn I hope this won't happen with every multiplatform game.

Yodagamer1766d ago

Knowing how some companies have been with vita they simply saw more money in making the best 3ds game and porting it over to vita. The lego games have done this a few times as well. That being said they'll make more money on the home consoles so they'll put more effort.

kB01766d ago

how the ps vita version could have looked if it wasn't held back by 3Ds' port:(
(not knocking the 3Ds just saying the whole port factor).

jetlian1766d ago

They need to add xbo too.

ironfist921766d ago

Damn, I was hoping this was a GOTY edition bundled with Arkham Origins + DLC and Blackgate. Oh well....

Dannycr1765d ago

I have it on my Vita and I feel that it is not worth it on consoles. It feels like a handheld game and it is very short. Its a decent game, confusing controls and cameras, but interesting ONLY if you like exploration games

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