GH’s Fallout 4 Before Release Wish List

Gamer Headline writes: "To start up our new series GH’s Before Release Wish List we decided to discuss one of the most anticipated games of 2014 – Fallout 4. Major rumors got the hopes of fans up, but everything turned to dust in a rather emotional roller coaster of hope and disappointment. We are still unable to confirm any official release date, nor even an upcoming announcement, but we are sure that the game is currently in development. Having said that, without further adieu here is GH’s Fallout 4 Before Release Wish List."

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SneeringImperialist1764d ago

Despite the fun of playing with friends through co-op I'd rather Fallout remain a singleplayer game, It just wouldnt feel the same with another person. Plus they could spend the time coding co-op on something more important.

zeee1764d ago


I can't wait for this game.

SolidGear31764d ago

Agreed! SP all the way! I'm ready for the addiction once again!

Kal8531764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Just announce the frikin game already.

Jyndal1764d ago

I'm anxious for Fallout 4, but I'd nix the co-op for having a full blown Fallout MMO down the road.

Kal8531764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Please God no! There are so few good single player RPGs left, I couldn't take it if they turned this one into a multiplayer, let alone an mmo. We already lost the Elder Scrolls 6 to the mmo trend. Now we're probably gonna have to wait an eternity before we get another single player ES.

jimjam34421764d ago

the elder scrolls online is not developed by the people who make skyrim, they are working on fallout and after that will probably start work on the next elder scrolls game, es online should be viewed as a spin off series.

Jyndal1764d ago

I wasn't saying to make Fallout 4 a MMO...I want another single player Fallout game as much as anyone. I would, however, like to see a separate game made as a MMO.