Fez, MLB 14: The Show Confirmed for Spring 2014 Release on VITA, PS Now Later This Year

GearNuke: "Sony is a on a roll today with news about PS Vita titles and along with announcements for games like Sly Trilogy, God of War Collection and Borderlands 2 bundle, they have also confirmed MLB 14: The Show, Fez and The Wolf Among Us for release on the PS Vita on Spring 2014. PS Now is also launching on the PS Vita later this year, although the release date is not set in stone yet."

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TomShoe1770d ago

Brb going to buy a Vita

3-4-51770d ago

Buying a Slim for sure now. Was waiting for news like this.

Already like 10-15 Vita games I want to play + all the ones I don't know about.

dedicatedtogamers1770d ago

Fez confirmation is good. Gonna double-dip (already beat it on PC)

DigitalRaptor1770d ago

Oh man. Great game. I hope it's that Cross-buy incentive again.

I think Fez is worth double-dipping for the Vita's OLED alone.

dedicatedtogamers1770d ago

Dat OLED + Good pair of headphones = paradise.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1770d ago

MLB The Show was the reason I bought my PS3. Probably the reason I'll buy my PS4.

Fullmetalevolust1770d ago

Wonderful news and great incentives for those gamers who aren't Vita owners yet.
Let the install base grow so that we can see more Vita games developed by first and third parties.
I need my Gravity Rush 2, more titles like muramasa rebirth, dragon's crown, Ys Celcetta, etc...
(I'm still not convinced that Freedom Wars will cut it for me, but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt).
I need Phantasy Star 2 and Swords Art Online to be announced for a western release.

TwilightSparkle1770d ago

Yawn, wake me up when they announce some rpgs for the us/europe. Zzzzzzzzzz

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