God of War Collection Coming to PS Vita May 6th

Posted by Cory Barlog // Sony Santa Monica Studios -

Wait, what? God of War 1 and 2 are coming to Vita? Are you frakking kidding me? YEAAAAHH!!!

All of the work in my career is an important part of making me who I am but the first two ‘God of War’ games were truly the catalysts for a creative A-Bomb… and no small amount of F-Bomb’s too. ‘God of War’ 1 and 2 changed the course of my career forever and nothing could please me more than to see them getting released on the Vita. We did some amazing work with the controls, seamless integration of an epic story into a load-free experience, and now that can be taken with you ANYWHERE!!

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SavageKuma1620d ago

Not bad at all. Great game to have on the vita.

dedicatedtogamers1620d ago

Yeah, but why didn't they bundle in the 2 PSP games? At least include a download code.

Hardly feels like a collection when there are 2 other games in the series sitting on the PSN store, not included. Kinda like the "MGS HD collection" that came to Vita but strangely omitted MGS1 and Peace Walker.

dragon821620d ago

The God of War Collection is only the first two games on PS3 as well. The PSP games made up the God of War Origins Collection. I would be willing to bet that they release the Origins Collection at some point too.

dedicatedtogamers1620d ago

@ dragon82

yes, you are correct, it came out on PS3...5 years ago. Since then (in 2012, 2 years ago) the GoW Saga came out which included all games in the series. And I'm not even asking for all the games. I'm not even asking for the HD remakes of the PSP titles. I'm just pointing out that both PSP GoW games are available on the Vita's PSN store. Why not include a code?

KingJulian1620d ago

I'm always looking for something to play on my vita. I think I am going to pick this up

yamelmegames1620d ago

I've yet to pick up a Vita... but with the announcement of all these releases, I'm extremely tempted to pick one up!

Snookies121620d ago

It's quite worth it. I've been happy with my Vita since I bought it at launch. :]

HighResHero1620d ago

I'm very happy with my purchase.

Sanquine901620d ago

So looking forward to playing this game! Gow baby!

GdaTyler1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

That'd be awesome, but it would be probably pretty difficult to port. Maybe with the graphics slightly dimmed down I wish.

WeAreLegion1620d ago

Oh, I know. :\ It's a massive game. Maybe a PS4 upgrade?!?

Clover9041620d ago

Ps4 rerelease or PlayStation Now, either way you'll soon get your wish :)

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The story is too old to be commented.