Football Season is Over: Why It’s Time for More Developers to Create Non-Licensed Sports Games

Let’s use the NFL as an example. Considering the PR nightmares that league must regularly deal with, it’s understandable from a business perspective that they’d want a video game adaptation of football to not go over the top, and feature any content that may get them in trouble. It’s natural, but creatively speaking it does make the games themselves somewhat dull. That’s a problem that only gets worse when you factor in the yearly installment element.

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Jackhass1765d ago

I totally agree -- the non-licensed stuff (Mutant League Football) was always my favorite.

3-4-51765d ago

Mutant League, Blades of steel, Ice Hockey, Mario Soccer/golf/Tennis/Baseball, Baseball Stars, Base Wars, Hot Shots Golf, ect...

The Most fun sports games are almost always the Non-realistic ones.

Then you aren't bound by pre-set already existing rules.

You really get to be creative with the game and art style then.

Great Topic/article.

Veneno1764d ago

We live in a different time now. It seems sports fans only want simulations and the casual sports gaming player has too many options to go with something like fake sports.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1764d ago

Only Sports games I really play are from Nintendo. Punch Out, Excite Bike, Wave Race, 1080 and Mario sports games on N64 and Baseball.