Sony: Over 100 PS4 Games Releasing in 2014; 90% of US PS4 Owners Are Connected to the Internet

Just like we let you know in the PlayStation Vita Slim announcement post, Anthony is at a PlayStation Media Preview Event today, where SCEA’s John Koller held a State of the Business Address.

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Charybdis1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Nice ps4 already had a great start and it will only get better.

Though I think 10% without internet is rather high, but might be due to bandwidth limitations. Hope that most of the 100 new titles will also be available in disc format for the 10%.

Charybdis1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Would be nice if Sony gave us their list they used, but think there might be some unannounced titles in there.

ssj271766d ago

Can anybody do a list of this 100 games?
I they are coming this year they should most likely have trailers and obviously some kind of gameplay.
I want to see!!!

I'm tired of announcements of announcements... I want to see gameplay and what happen with the demos? By this far we should have a playable demo of inFAMOUS SS on the PSN store..

I'm the only one who is tired?

jetlian1766d ago

Lol no you arent the only one.

Forbidden_Darkness1766d ago

Watch Dogs, Tomb Raider DE, Infamous: Second Son, Thief, The Order: 1886, Call of Duty 2014, Madden 2015, Fifa 15, NBA 2k15, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Destiny, The Lego Movie Videogame, Elder Scrolls Online, Final Fantasy 14, Rayman Legends, MLB The Show 14, Murdered: Soul Suspect, DriveClub, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Assassins Creed 2014, Dying Light, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Dragon Age Inquisition, Tom Clancey's The Division, Evolve, The Evil Within, Lego The Hobbit, The Crew, The Amazing Spider man 2, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Diablo 3, Aliens Isolation, UFC, Mad Max... And many more. Some are subject to delay, but those are some that are scheduled for this year ATM.

ssj271766d ago

I ask the question very seriously..

I see @Forbidden give me a list of few games and I could add few more to it, like;
Pro evolution soccer, nba live, Lords of the fallen, battlefield 2014..
but that is still far away from a 100 and I know at least 5 or 10 of those games will have a delay like the division, FF14, Destiny, the crew, mad max. so I guess the rest 50 games will be PSN only games.

something is for sure 2015 will be the year in where the ps4 will shine and have lot's of games...

lifeisgamesok1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

True that it's awesome but the majority i believe will be indie games and multiplats

Someone on Gaf already counted more than 85 games including indies and multiplats already

jessupj1766d ago

Well I'm having an absolute ball with resogun, don't starve, and outlast. And those are just the free games from psn plus. If the indies games are anything like those I say bring them on.

Retroman1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

SONY: "over 100 ps4 games releasing in 2014"

bet my bottom dollar 98% are first person shooters,open world shooters,zombie games/multi-online player game.
2% left leave racing,platformers, few adventure rpg's

seem to me NINTENDO new 140 indie games has variety for ALL!! 50/50 beat'em up's/shoot 'em up's/platform/rpg's/ra cing games/side scrolling games/ first person shooter's/open world shooter's/zombie games,everyone happy as back in the a ol school gamer learn ps3/ps4 console for kids grew up in 80's-90's while kids grew-up 50's-60's-70 still play SNES and play Wii-U old school classic games to this day.......

DarkHeroZX1766d ago

Lol all the wii u is getting is......... Oh wait Watch dogs got delayed and at this rate it'll be canceled. Well we still got SSB right? Oh wait that's available for the 3ds. Can we plz stop being so negative.

Ju1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Kids who grew up in the 50s-60s were already 25-35 when the NES

Video gaming exists since a tiny slice of time, actually. Only beaten by smart phones.

Retroman1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )


a personal opinion is not being negative by no means.last gen and this gen 98% is FPS,MMO'S, OPEN WORLD GAMING AND OPEN WORLD RACING. where as kids and myself grew up in late 50's,60's played coleco,atari,intellivison,comm adore 64,nes,snes consoles. i alone have waited for any developers indies included bring back gaming as it used to be if those 140 games do it then im happy camper. never did like ps3 games but Ray-Man,all Ratchet and Clank games and GT5-6,NFS HOTPURSUIT,RIVALS.
if a opinion make me seem SQUARE on here so be it.
it is not about giving the best comment or the most intelligent tech answer on CPU-GPU hardware for hit's or likeability who-really gives a rat-ass about inside the hardware?? long as my investment play the games i choose who cares. this blog site is to give a homesome, honest, personal opinion on the games EACH and everyone like. each gamer has a different taste and like's to fit their fancy. im a old fashion (ol school gamer) it do not matter anymore how well any-of-you dislike me or click ignore me my opinion will be known this site is free!!! therefore freedom of speech to speak boldly a opinion of thought.i dont come to every poster (article) to flap-off my mouth. i PERSONALLY hate fps,online multi-player games all open world games they SUCK!!!!!!!!!!! that is my personal experience, after playing Call of Duty an there after multi-clones of the game (meaning played more than Call of Duty)lead me to believe all titles of fps is ONLY a clone of Call of Duty. Developers to lazy to move on with NEW fresh ip's instead they INSECURED stick with what make them money. one!!! clone ip to make hundreds of same crap a military format,fps gun only visualization format, open world walk around format all games these days are base on those 3 formats. that is PURE!!! LAZINESS same format over an over an over an over for 7 years last gen ps3
in the end i hope Sony dont take ps4 in that same old stale direction for another 7 years. sony should realize there are plenty of gamers who choose not to buy military type games. which are waiting on the gaming fence for something NEW!! refreshing that is NOT!!! military related or Zombie related or Devil related. this smells like illuminati mind control everyone playing killing games.

Christopher1766d ago

While I love fancy figures...

How many of those 100 are digital/indie releases and not major titles on disc?

How do they determine if they're connected? Is it a one-time connection that was recorded or do they record Internet on general connection?

The one figure I will say that I am impressed with is the 90% growth in PS+. No matter if it was 1m, 500k or 250k, that's almost double growth from just two months.

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AceBlazer131766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

I'm a huge ps fan but that number seems a bit exaggerated. Hoping i'm proved wrong though.

I've taken into account Indies,AAA, rumored games, unscheduled games,all multiplats, annual releases and still not coming up to 100.

dbjj120881766d ago

Definitely some games slipping, probably many we don't know about or indies that will eventually release.

Kingthrash3601766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

yeah that's my thought too. it's possiable.....but, BUT they said the same about the vita last year and didnt quite make it...(well unless they counted ps mobile games)time will tell though, the system is easy enough to develop for.

FarEastOrient1766d ago


The last count for United States PS Vita releases for 2013 is 105. I didn't include the Japan and European only releases. Let's see how they do for 2014.

thereapersson1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

It's only February...

Let's see what happens when December gets here and we can look back on all the games that actually came out. Speculation gets a bit ridiculous sometimes...


My top five most-anticipated games right now for the first half of 2014:

The Order
Strider (PS4)
The Witness
Infamous: Second Son

edit 2: in no particular order

porkChop1766d ago

The Order isn't come until the end of this year at the earliest.

thereapersson1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

It was sort of vague anyway, but I thought I read somewhere that it was going to come out in the first half of 2014. My bad if I'm wrong, however I still have the game on my list over some others. Does Watch Dogs come out before July? I'm keeping my eye on that one as well, since It's something I've been looking forward to getting some hands-on time with since the reveal last year.

amiga-man1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

PS4 and games is anyone surprised.

PS4 made for gamers not just gaming.

MRMagoo1231766d ago

I dont think its a far stretch considering all the amazing indies and what not, plus i am sure Sony has a bunch of games still to announce. I am glad i got the right console :)

Axios21766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

If you check Metacritic you'll find that the PS3 and 360 often released 250+ games per year each.

Also...90% of PS4's on US are online, guess the whole "always connected" wasn't ever really going to be an issue


The Order is projected for the 2nd half of 2014

shinrock1766d ago

I was thinking the same thing. So 10% bitched about always online.

truefan11766d ago

Lol that was just another issue for a certain group of people to complain about, if ps4 is at 90% I imagine XB1 is even higher because it's almost pointless to buy an xbox system without live.

On topic 100 games is ambitious, I respect it, but I a firm believer in quality over quantity. I have family and friends with a ps4, so I am waiting for games that give me a reason to buy a ps4, hopefully it's in that list of 100.

lonelyplayer1766d ago

with regard to the "always online" discussion:

what if you go to the farm and you don't have internet there? then you can't play?.

what if you are having issues with the internet service or the data cap is reached? then you can't play?

Internet connection should not be a restriction when playing games IMHO.

Axios21766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )


You never required "always online' a momentary handshake through your cellphone would enable play under the old system

BTW, The PS4 has 2 retail exclusives and the usual mutiplatformers, so any of the indie games would be useless without internet, to say nothing of multiplayer.

@ Zigg

Under the old system the console would operate for 24hrs of gaming before requiring a momentary handshake, available via cellphone.

ziggurcat1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

@ Axios2:

The argument against "always online" seems to have been lost on you.

Having a *choice* to always be connected is a lot better than being forced to always be connected. At least with the former, if your connection was lost/down for any reason (or you simply didn't have an internet connection at all) you can at least play single player games. With the latter, if your connection was lost/down for any reason/didn't have internet at all, you *could not* use your console... not even if you wanted to play single player.

That's why always online was such an issue - it rendered your console inoperable without an internet connection.

"You never required "always online' a momentary handshake through your cellphone would enable play under the old system"

which meant you always had to be online...

DigitalRaptor1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Yes cause 90% of CURRENT PS4 owners definitely equates to the ENTIRE future/potential userbase of the PS4. /s

The always-online was bullsh*t an you all know it was (it was a forced DRM check), but you guys are still looking for reasons as to why it's not, even though it's made your console better. You'd be looking for excuses to downplay DRM even more had it not have been ousted by those with the common sense to be vocal about such restriction.

Had you had it your deluded way, you wouldn't actually own the console you bought to play games with, nor would you own the games you buy. Having options and not being boxed-in are paramount to consumer rights, but let's throw that out the window for our lovely Microsoft loyalist apologetics, why don't we all?

You guys... really...


@ Axios2

"You never required "always online' a momentary handshake through your cellphone would enable play under the old system"

What if you live in a remote place that has no Internet, poor connection, and have poor signal/3G? Can we stop the detrimental apologetics now, for the sake of what is right for all people who want to buy a console to carry on gaming like they always have? Why should you have to handshake with a cell phone to appease controlling anti-consumer restrictions?

I've never seen a fanbase so willing to bend for blatant anti-consumerism as the Xbox guys. There is just no comparison.

MRMagoo1231766d ago

10% bitched about always online ?? Odd cos these are the PS4 numbers and probably just the US as well, so how do you guys get these numbers ? I know you xbone fantards love to try to play the hypocrisy cards as often as you can but this is completely off topic and nothing to do with PS4 at all. For a start it was xbone fans that didnt want always online because it was the xbone that was going to be always online not PS4 so what the frig are you talking about?

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Eonjay1766d ago

I have to agree but I think there is more we don't know. What was your total?

Pogmathoin1766d ago

Wow, turn on yourself guys!

Gamer6661766d ago

There will easily be 100 games between Indies, multi-plats, and exclusives...

Typically, if you use last gen as a guideline, you will see a distribution like:

January 3 games
February 10 games
March 10 games
April 5 games
May/June 10 games
July/August 10 games
September 15 games
October 20 games
November 20 games
December 3 games

Total 106 games... The reason I know is for budget planning my purchases!

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dbjj120881766d ago

Thank you wireless out of the box.

ftwrthtx1766d ago

Thank you Wireless N out of the box

pyramidshead1766d ago

Sounds good. Games, games and more games.

chrissx1766d ago

Sony spoiling their customers with games. How can I loose when I'm with the right team

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