More than 100 PS4 games planned for 2014

PlayStation Twitter: Here's a fun fact: More than 100 PS4 games are planned for release in 2014. Stay tuned for more updates from today's media summit

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Muffins12231765d ago

Notice its planned not confirmed or guranteed,watch dogs was planned to come out half a year ago,infamous second son was also planned to be a launch title during development.Allot of games get delayed,but non the less this list is still impressive.

geddesmond1765d ago

Why do gamers always throw in some negativity when it comes to good news. Yeah games will get delayed but so what. The more time a developer spends with a game the better they usually are and even if 20% of the games get delayed then its still 80 games. More than enough to give gamers options on what to play.

Clover9041765d ago

lol, I was thinking the exact same thing when I read the first comment :)

Muffins12231765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Its makes it sound like 100 games are actually coming out this year when we know good as hell that around 1/4 of them wont.....sorry for letting you know the truth,its not negative knowing i wont get half assed games because of the delay. I mean i guess if you wanna believe in lies be my guest,the ps4 launch line up was half of what it was suppose to be also so that shows my logic is not flawed in saying that atleast 1/4 of these games that are said to come out this year wont.

LeCreuset1765d ago


"Its makes it sound like 100 games are actually coming out this year when we know good as hell that around 1/4 of them wont.....sorry for letting you know the truth..."

I'm pretty sure everyone here knows what the word "planned" means, Muffins.

Muffins12231765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

There was also a bunch of ps4 "launch" titles that where so post to be released lol but half of them got delayed and are still not out on it to this day....

LeCreuset1765d ago

Muffins, it's only as difficult as you make it. How many games have ever been guaranteed to come out at a specific time?

geddesmond1765d ago

"Sorry for letting me know the truth"

Lol I don't even have a PS4 yet. I tried to get one since November but they still had pre orders to fulfill and now I'm just enjoying my time catching up on a lot of PS3 games I missed without any thoughts of getting a PS4 until at least September.

So yeah your so called truths mean nothing because while your on forums crying over positive news I'll have a lot of games to choose from when I finally get a PS4 because lets be honest. They could delay 75 of those games for a year and I'd still have 25 to choose from.

Thats more than enough for me.

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Garethvk1765d ago

Exactly, I remember the Nintendo reps telling us almost two years ago at Comic Con that Mario Kart 8, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze and others would be at at launch or close to it. Well we are still waiting and are finally seeing one in March should yet more delays not arise. That being said, it is nice to see they are making some good stuff.

amiga-man1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

100 games would be impressive hell half that would be, mind you I would take just a few real quality games like, The Last Of Us than a 100 of your run of the mill shooters etc,

When it comes to creativity and excellence Sony has the quality Developers and offers them the freedom to deliver some amazing gaming experiences.

geddesmond1765d ago

Blame those delays on Wii U consol sales. Nintendos not going to release a usually great selling game like Mario Kart to a consol that only has around 6 million units sold. They'll wait til it gets to 10 or 15 mil before we see that game.

LordMaim1765d ago

That doesn't make any sense. Software like that would drive sales of the system, not the opposite. If Nintendo had that bullet in their gun, ready to go, they'd have pulled the trigger already.

pyramidshead1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Good time to be a PlayStation gamer. Already given us enough to play this is going to be over kill O.O

moujahed1765d ago

I know this May be off topic but isn't the FF14 PS4 beta suppose to be released this month?

stavrami1765d ago

Gallop racer and g1 jockey please.... :-)

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