Do We Need HD Remakes?

"The recent release of Fable Anniversary and the general rise in the popularity of high-definition makeovers in recent years got me thinking; are HD remakes of video games really necessary?"

Gamespresso's Steve analyses whether or not HD remakes have a place in our industry; if they are just a waste of time and resources or if they are actually extremely efficient.

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Jackhass1769d ago

I don't mind 'em. It can be hard to go back to SD gaming after you've had HD. Even games I really like can be hard to look at.

Yi-Long1769d ago

Yes, we need HD-remakes, but developers should put the effort in and make them worth it, instead of just half-assing it for a lazy quick buck.

TedCruzsTaint1769d ago

Just upping the resolution isn't enough. Especially if it's more than a $20 compilation release.
It's not hard to implement the higher res textures that the original release's textures were based off of and then adding a few other graphical touches.
It goes a long way for fans and newcomers alike.
That said, the rare 'Halo:Anniversary', though few and far between, are normally fantastic and is what I feel developers should really try for with a re-release.

TomShoe1769d ago

As long as good studios are in charge of them.

We need good studios like Bluepoint and Sanzaru, and not teams like (ugh) Nihilistic.

For context:

Bluepoint: PSASBR, ICO, Flower, Titanfall

Sanzaru: R&C, Sly Cooper, Sonic Boom (lol)

Nihilistic: Resistance, CoD: Declassified

gazgriff2k121768d ago

yep need shenmue 1&2 and skies of arcadia hd please sega

cervantes991769d ago

HD remakes are great for those who like them - like me.

Just another gaming option that is all. These types of things are usually outsourced to 2nd or 3rd tier devs so AAA games do not take a backseat to HD remakes.

I like my games to look good on my 60" LED not a blurry mess.

Braid1769d ago

Give me the HD remake for the original Metal Gear games on MSX2, and then you can stop doing remakes for eternity and I'd be fine with that.

porkChop1769d ago

HD Remakes are great. HD Remasters are not, as they still look like ass just with smooth edges.

DxTrixterz1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

It's good when you don't have older consoles. I really enjoy playing Hitman, Devil May Cry and Metal Gear Solid on my Xbox 360 in HD.

Oh I just read the article. It's about HD remakes not HD remasters. LOL my fail. Anyway I like remakes and remasters as they allow me to relive all those great gaming memories.
BTW where is my Morrowind remake huh Bethesda?

Matt6661769d ago

I wouldn't call DMC a HD remake though it looked the same as the ps2 versions

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The story is too old to be commented.