Policing Call of Duty's Toxic Behavior Will Only Make It Worse

CCC Says: "Call of Duty has basically become synonymous with toxic gamer behavior at this point, and for good reason. We definitely crack jokes about playing COD games with screaming 11 year olds, but that’s because we keep finding them. Seriously, play some random matches and tell me that you don’t eventually end up finding some unfortunately young white kid calling you the n-word. The adults that play COD aren’t much better. Run a youtube search for “Call of Duty rage” and you’ll see what I mean."

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Jackhass1739d ago

Probably true. The behavior is because of the kind of people they've targeted -- unless Activision starts targeting somebody than young, angry guys, things won't change.

Garethvk1739d ago

I like to say I ignore most of it but I can honestly say that this is the first COD that I have not raced to max level on as aside from the hacks, camping, and play balance issues, the conduct of the players does not make me want to be around the game much and if it was not for the pending DLC, I might have earased it by now.

glennco1739d ago

CoD is the N4G of games.

up2snuff1739d ago

Do people not understand what the mute button is for?

Max-Zorin1739d ago

Just stay away from Search & Destroy. All the mean people reside there.

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