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The best video game controller ever

Since the birth of video games one thing has remained constant, we have always needed a way to control our games. Whether it be helping us make a pixelated plumber jump, or a navy seal disarm a nuke in first person perspective. (Culture)

Cloudyday71  +   467d ago
Q) What is the best videogame controller?
A) The Kinect! ;)

Well glad to see that besides the 80s Atari's controller Polystomper.com prefer the Xbox controllers best.
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alexkoepp  +   467d ago
Best video game controller ever is the one that gets plugged into your brain from The Matrix... we'll get there someday in the distant future...

360 controller is the best, the X1 should have kept its bumpers and it would take the crown. The DS4 is a welcome upgrade from the DS2/3, but still not as nice as the Xbox family. The ability to use stereo headphones right from the controller is damn cool though
Vegamyster  +   467d ago
I tried out the Xone's controller at the store and thought it was a step back of the original 360.
qu1ckset  +   467d ago
I thought the same thing, I don't know what all the praise was with it! , if you like the 360 controller you will love the DS4.

And as soon as I seen DS4 and XBOX1 at the top of the list , I was like lost sucks !
SmoothC911  +   467d ago
Glad to see the Atari joystick at the top; I spent waaaay too many hours playing tons of great games with that... Great memories! :)
FlappyBird  +   467d ago
I like the Dualshock 4 and Wii U gamepad.
Grave  +   467d ago
The best controller is the Dual Shock 4. The best way to play games is with a keyboard and mouse.
Alex_Boro  +   467d ago
The Xbox 360 controller is my favorite IMHO. DS4 was my favorite until it started showing wear and tear for only having it for a couple of months barely playing with it.
sonicsidewinder  +   467d ago
What kind of wear and tear?
LimeyGeeza  +   467d ago
The PS4 control has an issue where the rubber wears off on the analog sticks - pretty ugly but I'm sure they will fix this on newer models.
twdll  +   467d ago
Actually I think its between the dream cast controller and the Nintendo 64. Old school, and new school, it would be for me the ps3 dualshock. Yea, I know already.
zalanis  +   467d ago
i really wish nintendo would make a multi gamepad game with full integrated TOUCH CONTROLS ONLY. no buttons, like piloting a giant mech or something. they can even use the wiifit-u floor pad for pedaling the mech or for racing games
icheerbothconsoles  +   467d ago
Looking forward to trying the Steam controller. Gotta love Valve for innovating.

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