Call of Duty: Ghosts Developers Asking for Feedback on Spawn Problems

Infinity Ward developers are reaching out to gamers for feedback with some of the spawn issues that players are still having.

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Boltshocker1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

Defo need to sort the spawning out on this game good game still just u die and soon as u blink!

ZombieKiller1766d ago

Why are they asking now? This has been an issue forever with COD.

Why can other games figure it out but these guys can't? They copy and paste everything else! Why not this?

Add freaking Nova gas to friendly spawns (for the enemy of course)... make a "no trespass" zone, create MORE spawns.

I got an idea. TEST THE FNCKING GAME....

Maybe if you tested the game instead of letting your fans do it for you every year, you would know how to make legitimate spawns....OR wouldn't have to ask for feedback in the first place.

@MNGamer-N: As addicted as I was to playing COD, I've gotta say I was like you for quite a while (getting frustrated at the game). Unfortunately, It doesn't change. You have to. Learn NOT to be angry at it. K/D doesn't matter in an underdeveloped game like this. ESPECIALLY if a new one hits every year. I have a 2.03 on black ops 1 and a 1.74 in Black Ops 2. You know who cares? Nobody. Ever.
The day that hit me, was the day I realized that I need a break from COD and it became a bit easier to accept that it isn't you, it's the game.

I hope this helps a little bit!

greenyboi1767d ago

Ive never seen a spawn system like this before i understand they want to keep u in the action when you spawn but spawning with someone 3ft behind you to spawn and die instantly is to frustrating!

MNGamer-N1767d ago

Super frustrating. It make me not want to play as much. And I'm always yelling at the TV, "This is such BullS**t!" It's like I set myself up for the punishment that is Ghosts.

greenyboi1767d ago

The game should ship with a voucher for free anger management its that frustrating

0pie1767d ago

wow they did like 4 call of duty games and still have problem with spawn points?
Infinity ward are really a bunch of junior

N4GJD1767d ago

They'll continue to ask for feedback, and only pretend to actually care or do anything about it! Call of Duty should have died a while ago; move on!