Sly Collection coming to PS Vita

Sony has the currently unannounced Sly Collection playable at a private event, confirming the game’s development on PS Vita.

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staticdash221686d ago

Please, don't let it end up like the jak and daxter collection. The framerate made it almost unplayable.

Though it is interesting that it's in development , maybe to come out before Sly 5?

rambi801686d ago

if they follow this with the ratchet and clank games then i will jizz

tachy0n1686d ago

we need the ratchet and clank collection! i already played all ratchet and clank games and sly games, im sure as heck will play them again!!

captainexplosion1686d ago

I just wish they would release the Ratchet & Clank Collection.

GdaTyler1686d ago

You reminded me of Michael from GTA V, but a little less vulgar.

Knux1686d ago

I really would pass out in excitement if the Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection came to the Vita.