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Rumor: Leaked Details for Sledgehammer’s 2014 Call of Duty

OnlySP: We very much dislike posting anonymous tips and will hardly ever do it unless there’s some real good credibility behind it. We were sent a tip back in December and have been sitting on it for a good long while, hoping that sometime soon there might be some extra credibility to support the anonymous tip. With the news coming out on Thursday that Sledgehammer would be developing and releasing the next Call of Duty in 2014, we decided to go ahead and post the tip we were sent. Please, take everything you read below with a huge grain of salt, we are simply passing on the completely unverified information we received, nothing more than that. (Call of Duty 2014, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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ThatKanadianKid  +   571d ago
Hm, some of it sounds plausible. Don't know about Shepherd though...I mean, Captain Price survived, we thought he was long gong after MW. If they play it out like any other TV show or game, unless you see the character laid to rest or put another bullet in em to make sure they're dead, you never know. Personally, I kinda hope Shepherd returns, he was an enemy you really hated after events in MW2.
jimjam3442  +   570d ago
if shephard is still alive thats completely lame, the amount of force it would take to throw a knife accurately would be much more than needed to go straight into his brain.
venom06  +   570d ago
isn't it kinda stupid and pathetic that CoD comes out every year and it really isn't anything new from the previous CoD before it, but if BF came out every year, these same lame CoD fanboys would cry to high heaven about "oversaturation" and "genre fatigue"?????
oof46  +   570d ago
As ludicrous as it sounds, it has happened in real life: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/...

But, remember, this is a high octane fps. CoD lost any semblance of immersion for me when Soap was able to survive getting shot, stabbed and being in critical condition all while getting bombarded by an army and an attack helicopter.
Abdou023  +   570d ago
I would like a WWII game.
iiorestesii  +   570d ago
Absolutly brother.
Beastforlifenoob  +   570d ago
Beutiful, I actually like the one that are history like black ops 1 and WAW. but MW1 was the best mw2 was good but mw3 is like ghosts Horse feces.

Hopefully its better than ghosts, ghosts was the biggest flop of COD if you ask me
UnholyLight  +   570d ago

Absolutely, Maybe if Sledgehammer has been passed the role of the Modern Warfare storyline IW can focus on returning to it's roots with a WWII shooter like you asked for. I think it's time, and I think they know it is time too. With the power of the new consoles they can really shake things up by bringing in an ultra realistic looking/feeling CoD set in WWII as the perfect reset button for the FPS genre!
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Joey_Leone  +   570d ago
Madden warfare 4
Soulsaber  +   570d ago
One slash kills anyone, while a knife throw to the eye doesn't. lol
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venom06  +   570d ago
tired of it
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quaneylfc  +   569d ago
10 quid says it has mechs in it...
jay2  +   571d ago
Fair enough. we'll see when COD 200,000,00000,000,000,00,00000 ,00,000 comes out.
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jay2  +   570d ago
How the f can people disagree? the stuff will be in the game or it won't be..........
zero_gamer  +   570d ago
None of us will be alive when COD 200,000,00000,000,000,00,00000 ,00,000 comes out lol.
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Waterboy156  +   570d ago
I wouldn't be so sure about that...
jay2  +   570d ago
We're already on 20 games http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...
tigertron  +   570d ago
A new COD this year? well I never...
lets_go_gunners  +   570d ago
Unoriginal joke is unoriginal.
tigertron  +   570d ago
Well, if it's unoriginal, you can bet your bottom dollar it's unoriginal, just like COD.
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theDECAY  +   570d ago
Sad troll is sad.
NarooN  +   570d ago

At least his comment was still more original than CoD games are.
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mikegeezy69  +   570d ago
Butthurt fanboy is butthurt
SpideySpeakz  +   570d ago
An unoriginal game desires an unoriginal joke.
fonger08  +   570d ago
So are COD titles just going to synonymous with sports titles now? You know instead of a team roster change every year, you might get a couple of new guns, and different dessert or war torn city to play in?
Shadonic  +   570d ago
Its been like that, I've even met some COD fanboys that say that.
zero_gamer  +   570d ago
Yep, Call of Duty is gaming's very own sport.
iiorestesii  +   570d ago
They should just change their name to George Orwell's 1984. Tonights matchup Eurasia vs Europa.
Baka-akaB  +   570d ago
Worse , even sports games got more changes and at least switch their graphics or physics engine once everywhile
corvusmd  +   570d ago
WEAK!!! I was actually excited to see Sledgehammer take a third of the COD world, but I was sick of the MW storyline, it was stupid that all the worlds' best forces kept dying but two SAS soldiers kept saving the world...it just seemed like fake drama to me...like Harry Potter, due to poor writing skills, in order to create quick fear and sense of hopelessness ...kill off everyone that could help win the battle. (Then maybe like HP after the series is all done and all the money has been made..."oh by the way CPT Price was gay the whole time").

I REALLY hope this rumor isn't true, and I hope that Sledgehammer does their own thing. This storyline was one of the things that made me want Sledgehammer to take over for IW instead of alongside them...now it seems IW is onto a new storyline and SH may be picking up the crap one.
4logpc  +   570d ago
I remember during the Ghosts reveal they head guy said a lot of people expected them to just make MW4 but they didn't want to. So I guess if this is true, they just passed it to a different studio.
SteamPowered  +   570d ago
I feel sorry for any developer that has to work with the COD ip. It's damned if you do, damned if you don't.
PockyKing  +   570d ago
If you work on Call of Duty, you make bank. I'd be happy to work on a few installments and move on haha.
ThatOneGuyThere  +   570d ago
You dont "make bank". you make as much as you would at any other established studio. Working on a COD game though can do wonders for your career if your version is better/sells more than other ones.
PockyKing  +   570d ago
Have you looked up the bonuses those guys get? They're making good money.
Mikey94  +   570d ago
CoD MW4 no thanks modern warfare series died after the respawn crew left. Better yet CoD died overall when they left. No one cares for CoD its not going to stand a chance this year not with Destiny the Division and whatever else there is.
SmielmaN  +   570d ago
I don't play it anymore but there's still A LOT of ppl who still eat it up. Although I think we may have a new "mass appeal" game this gen
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GameingmyLife  +   570d ago
well lets hope they do a good job. I know alot people hate COD but i personally love it..... so please dont ruin what i love....
Parasyte  +   570d ago
The thing that makes me call BS on this whole article is at the end of the first paragraph. Nikolai has spoken many times before throughout the MW franchise.
PockyKing  +   570d ago
I meant as in the First Person view, not the character himself.
T-Dawg6  +   570d ago
Please end the MW series, I don't want another one. I want something fresh and new
porkChop  +   570d ago
"Nikolai will also be a playable character at some point in the game and will actually talk, a first for the Call of Duty series, excepting Price."

Uh, what? The main characters in Black Ops 1 and 2 talk through the whole game. Pretty sure the main characters talked in MW3 too, but I'm not 100% sure.
Master-H  +   570d ago
Nikolai used to talk in MW1 too, i still remember his distinctive voice , maybe they're talking about the playable character part.
PockyKing  +   570d ago
Sorry, I worded that badly. Meant in the MW series, not COD as a whole.
Master-H  +   570d ago
They should make a cod based around the Gulf War and Desert Storm, the setting is more interesting than modern ones imo, with big tank battles in the desert, sneaking in desert bases to locate scud missiles and shit, like the old Desert Storm game on PC, could be awesome, maybe even throw in a couple of future missions where you capture Saddam.

The Modern Warfare series lost it's appeal after the disaster that was mw3 imo.
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H4zZz4  +   570d ago
I just want to know what happened to captain price.
Relientk77  +   570d ago
I think it's very possible since Sledgehammer worked on Modern Warfare 3, it would make complete sense that their game is the 4th
Rich1631  +   570d ago
Anything is better than Ghosts. Bad campaign. Bad competitive multi. Extinction is the only good thing about it. Ghosts took so many steps back from Black Ops II. I hope Sledgehammer knows what they are doing, because the post MW2 Infinity Ward is all messed up.
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UltraAtomic  +   570d ago
does anyone care about cod anymore???
ziggurcat  +   570d ago
I was at EB games the other day pre-ordering Dark Souls II, and inFamous - there was a father, and 4 of his kids (guessing the age range was 9 - 11/12) buying ghosts for PS4...

So people care about it... they just happen to be children.
UltraAtomic  +   570d ago
lol ya it is a kiddy game lol
-Gespenst-  +   570d ago
Another year another CoD leak that's probably legit.

Seriously, Activision definitely plans these. Shrewd marketing technique / market analysis all toward the end of maximizing profit down the line. If you actually leaked something from activision that they didn't want leaked they'd sue you for all you're worth. It was definitely an Activision tipster, no one else would care enough / have enough vested interest to leak the information. I know if I got hold of this information I wouldn't tell anyone just out of pure indifference, that or I'd forget to tell anyone just because it's the least surprising, least interesting news ever. As a news item, I don't even think it's worth much to news outlets these days - or at least, as "megatons" CoD announcements are certainly seeing diminishing returns for news outlets. Even look at the amount of comments on this page - people just don't really care anymore. Don't let this stupid bs drum up hype for what will certainly be another turd in a long line of turds strewn across the sidewalk of gaming history. Turds done by a bunch of jingoists and xenophobes I might add.

Demand newness, and protest stagnant, cynical cultural exploitation. Don't fall for these corporate scumbags selling you the same shit year in year out pretending its different and "improved." They don't care about the art, they care about profit and cutting as many corners as possible - this always results in stagnation and stasis, not to mention really dubious content on many levels
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NarooN  +   570d ago
"Don't let this stupid bs drum up hype for what will certainly be another turd in a long line of turds strewn across the sidewalk of gaming history. Turds done by a bunch of jingoists and xenophobes I might add."

YEP. Don't you just love how Ghosts was nothing more than a bunch of big burly white men going against the dirty, unwashed, uncultured Spaniards from the South? Outside of a few faceless characters who had Hispanic names on the "Allied" side, everyone was white.

I won't even get into the multiplayer, because we know how trashy that is and has been for the past games (pretty much everything after WaW.) But jeez, the campaigns have been so goddamned horrible outside of Black Ops 1, which was actually pretty fantastic.

I'm really sick of this blatant laziness and unimaginative writing that they keep getting away with. It's basically just mindless "'MERICA GOOD, EVERYTHANG ELSE BAD, M'KAY DERP" every time. If the next game is literally MW4, I will weep simply because I know so many will buy it regardless, only to then try to trick themselves into believing it's actually good, in clear denial to try to justify their purchase.
JCENAdaBest  +   570d ago
Does anyone care about this franchise anymore. I mean I know millions still buy it but this franchise along with fifa and assassins creed is a perfect example of making the same game over and over with minor improvements (if any) and milking it for all it and we are worth. "We" meaning you as I don't waste my money. Last COD game was MW2.
ziggurcat  +   570d ago
can we stop referring to early info on CoD as being a "leak"? we all know there's going to be one every year, so there's no point in calling it that.
MachineGunnTalk  +   570d ago
*leaked detail*

-wont look like battlefield
- will bring back old black ops feel
GentlemenRUs  +   570d ago
Anyone else getting tired of this?

CoD will end up dead soon enough :)
crusf  +   570d ago
"CoD will end up dead soon enough" I've heard that being said since the MW2 days and look at where the series is now.
Lilrizky  +   570d ago
Sounds like the plot for Ghosts
busytoad  +   570d ago
No zombies, no thx. ill wait for next black ops to come out. Ghost was a epic fail.
MasterD919  +   570d ago
Wrong...it's the inevitable annual COD leak.
TristanPR77  +   570d ago
I feel the fatigue of the series. I was totally bored of ghosts after a month. If they come out with the same once again I'm out. I enjoy BF4 a lot more.
jacksjus  +   570d ago
I'm surprised people even remember the stories in COD games. Everything flies by so quick in the game that I never had time to actually reflect on it.
bigboss1990  +   570d ago
Not another one lol morden warfare 1 morden warfare 2... After that ...............,,,,,,,,,, nah I pass lol
up2snuff  +   570d ago
None of this crap maters anyway. When they release MP news, then they will actually be telling us something. Campaigns are an afterthought to me. Meh'
Horny  +   570d ago
So basically treyarch is getting 3 yrs for a truly next Gen cod in 2015. I'll just wait til then.
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