5 Things That Made Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare So Iconic

MP1st - "Is there a future Call of Duty title out there that will once again inspire a generation of first-person shooters? That’s not for me to answer, but it’s sure one hell of a reason to put Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare up there as one of the most iconic games in recent history."

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nigelp5201772d ago

1.Amazing single player
2. Killstreaks perks and leveling up
3. The nuke scene
4. customization
5. addictive

Codey471772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

L0L, How true those words.

The original COD was where the skill was(multiplayer) and still the best one in the series, in my opinion.

Mosin Nagant and Kar98 the weapons of men.

NarooN1772d ago

Your #2 should say "relatively balanced killstreaks and perks". The perks and killstreaks in latter games became so ridiculous, broken and nonsensically unbalanced that the whole game could be rendered a joke because of it.

*Memories of MW2 where everyone camped their asses off just to get higher killstreaks in an effort to get nukes.

InTheLab1772d ago

"6.Great level design. "

7.No Sky filled with flying death machines and it took effort to down a chopper

dale_denton1772d ago

they should make an ULtra HD Version for ps4 Edition.. i'd buy it.

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Number-Nine1772d ago

It did a lot of new things And made a modern shooter. Unfortunately every developer included these features into their game.

SoulSercher6201772d ago

Best CoD ever made. Sad to see it will NEVER go back to this.

psman0121772d ago

Yep. The only other games I enjoyed in the series were the first Black Ops (stopped playing after that), and, the much underrated, Call of Duty 3. I loved the multiplayer in COD3, I used to have such a blast with it.


Yes to call of duty 3. Loved the France map with the little town in the middle and the house across the brigade. Driving around in Jeeps and tanks and a bike. Forgot the name of the map. I still have the game. I might pop it in to see if anyone still plays. Good memories. Then the beast that is modern warfare.

NarooN1772d ago

CoD3 was the SHIT. I played the hell out of that game. It was actually really well-balanced. The only downsides were that there was no PC version, and no voice chat in the PS3 version. Aside from that, it was a fantastic game.

Huge maps with a matching player-count (up to 24 players), an actual SERVER BROWSER, on-point hit detection, great weapon balance, no BS perks or killstreaks, balanced vehicles, it had it all.

Akuma071772d ago

Wait, so COD3 had vehicle combat?

NarooN1772d ago


Yeah CoD3 had vehicles in both the campaign and the multiplayer. I have very fond memories of getting into the motorcycle and just ramping off small walls, jumping out in mid-air, and then hosing scrubs down with my Thompson.

I may have to re-buy this game since there are STILL people playing it.

There were half-tracks, motorcycles, jeeps, and tanks. And they were all balanced.

Always baffled me how people always talked so much shit about Treyarch, when CoD3 blew CoD2 outta the water. They were also the ones who did CoD1: United Offensive, which was vastly superior to CoD1.

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Master-H1772d ago

Balance, Simple killstreaks , Fantastic map design , Awesome SP (the nuke, all ghillied up), spot on hit detection.

Akuma071772d ago

all ghillied up, still the best single player mission to this day.

Also the death from above mission as well.

pakua1772d ago

CoD 2 single player and CoD 4 multiplayer is where it's at.

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